A Friday

Yesterday we finally had a casting where we knew straight away that he would be right for aussieBum. So when that happens sometimes it means we go into action right away, and yesterday was one of those days.

The guy I had spotted out one time and he finally had sent through photos and that same day brought him in for a casting. He has never modeled and quite amused that we wanted him. My boss said right let’s do a shoot today, get him a bit more of a tan around the legs and a slight hair trim. I was about to find out this would be a bit more complicated then assumed.

Model and I drove to Balmain to find some natural fake tan in a bottle. I was only given the instructions of ‘it’s in a shopping arcade in Balmain’.

Right now I am so annoyed as I spent an entire half an hour writing out the adventure that occurred.. and then stupid blog didnt save and I lost it all. So really, noone gets to read it now. Was good and amusing though.

Here is a photo. The adventure description would have made this photo more relevant.


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