“Hey, my name is Lloyd. Like the car.”

“The car?”

“Yeah, my mate called his car Lloyd one time.”

Had a few drinks with an old good friend the other evening. Spoke of his experience of accepting an oscar (yes, that sounds wanky to drop that in but screw it), and what was going through his mind while on that stage. One of those moments where you cannot even process what was going on and if this was actually happening. Though my favourite part of what he said is when his mother commented that when you google his name, the second search option says his name and then “gay” and the third option is his name and “boyfriend”, and in a disappointing seventh place was his name and “producer”.

Warning: Gym story ahead so to those, like myself who dislike people talking about the gym, especially on facebook, go to the next paragraph. I love the amount of old asian people in my gym. They are always smiling and exercising away, talking together. I want to be old and asian so I can talk with them.

Still talking about the gym. No, I am kidding. Horses!!

Just saw snaps of a guy being arrested in the London riots right near my old home in Brixton. I always defended Brixton as a safe place, I did not have much proof for my side of the argument and if you Google Brixton riots, there are a few words about it. But hey Jake and Blake (see my references about my fake pet gay Candadian Geese in the 2006 entries) did not seem to mind living there and they are the peaceful type.

Have you ever gotten your hand stuck inside a tissue box when reaching for one of the last tissues? You feel slightly dumber as a human being.

Off to Trivia night again tonight. This time last week I had no idea what was gonna happen in the last week. I really didnt say much in that statement. I may as well say, last week when I went to the grocery store, I had no idea my Dad was to call me on the following Saturday. Geesh. So really, what I am saying is, something unexpectedly nice has occurred since last week’s trivia and it’s fun being vague on here.

Kimbra, below. I am seeing her in a few weeks, she had that odd quirkiness that makes her music kinda creepy but good. I like this video, especially the creepy young girl dressed as a 50’s housewife.

PS – Elliot



  1. I always get my hand stuck in a tissue box when reaching the bottom to get one of the last tissues. When I was young I would pretend like that box on my hand was the equipment for a boxer and play with it a bit. Looking stupid but I had fun. Now opted for toilet roll paper instead. Though not elegant, its convenient enough. Just make sure that you dont drop it from a high place, otherwise its gonna be really ugly.p.s. your plant looks good! 🙂

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