So I didnt get as many posts as 2010, but ah well. 2012 is gonna be the one to beat anyways. Yeah, cause if you write it down then your resolutions will totally

Wait, just getting a cookie.

Yes so resolutions will totally be kept if you write them down. Or so I hear.

My ones, what are my NY Resolutions you ask? Well after a rather in depth discussion with my friend Dale, I want to be able to touch my toes sometime during 2012. I also would like to have written at least the skeleton of a major writing piece. I am going to reduce my swearing, go in more fun runs and look into either studying part time at Uni or doing another creative course. I want to write more actual letters, make peace with a few people and dance more in and out of my bedroom. I want to touch the earth of a country I have never been to, swim at a beach I have never swum at and eat a fruit I have never heard of before.

So, in summary:

– Touch toes
– Write structure of novella.
– Swearing, less of.
– Fun Runs, more of.
– Make brain bigger (study)
– Letter writing
– Peace Pipe
– Dance (in general, no specifics)
– Feel foreign earth
– Swim foreign seas
– Eat foreign fruit

I also want to be able to feel like my job is is part of my happiness. Not like this is anything new, as a job should always be a part of your happiness, supporting a contagious joy in the other aspects of life such as relationships, fitness and dogs. The casual cat is alright too. But yes, I got four jobs in January and I have never been able to juggle balls but pretty sure jobs will be OK. February, who knows? If it isn’t a dream job, then my personal time should be focused on building up the things I love to do and sew them into a career, no? It is the best advice about career I have been told. So if you like to collect stamps, do it. And then the investment in the stamps means you are training yourself up to file and collect and appreciate documentation from the past and present, that could lead you into a librarian role. Glasses and a debonair tie included. Well I get my point, and am proud of the point.

How good would it be to fit inside a fridge, just for fun! You would then feel really cool and it could be your party trick. Or maybe cause it is a hot day today and Melbourne really has not provided enough water options without chlorine that I am dreaming of being inside the fridge. Though I think the fact I dislike small enclosed spaces will counterbalance the desire to fit inside the fridge. The fridge also may start talking to me about the unfortunate old food that is inside him and how I need to get rid of it. Hmm… well he isnt talking to me so off to the giant walk in Bottle Shop fridge I go!! Damn, it is a public holiday. This kid gets what I mean.

Now I have in my google search history “stuck inside fridge”. Thanks brain.


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