I pace the room, look back at the desk. What do I say. I close my eyes and try and think of the words yet nothing will truly wrap around the grooves that represent how I feel.

This year, my acupuncturist said, was the year people come across important like minded souls. Not necessarily the ones for romance, or friendship, but just to collide and say hello sometimes. I feel there have been a few this year, and as it comes to a close soon, I am a little weary.

I like how if you watch the water run down the window, you can never predict the way it will run. There is a greater chance to predict the path, if it is not the first drop that paved the way. But even then, a new direction can swiftly appear. Gravity asking for it’s damp.


Music Sunday – “My Song” by Mutya Buena

This has been a favourite of mine for many years. Eight years to be precise now. The lyrics really rang out to me, when feeling weary and it feels like a blanket around the heart.

So listen closely. Save it for a down day.


Music Sunday – “Latch” cover by Natalie Taylor

She has a heart in this song. The arrangement works and it brings a new freshness to an already excellent song.

The lyrics I haven’t noticed as much as I have with this new version. 


Music Sunday – “Colors” by Genevieve

This song had a bit of a catchiness too it when I heard it, but then I saw the video and art direction behind it. I loved the Wizard of Oz nod, and the way it is filmed. Show your colours. That simple really.



I sat at the top of the cliff, looking down the green hill to the crashing waves below. You could see the white caps spraying. The wind was a little strong, it nudged my car gently, letting me know it was there. Turning, I looked down the winding road that kissed the edge, and saw a white ute driving towards me. It was you. It had to be you.

I turned back to the water, though the gravel let me know you had pulled up. I opened my car door, and felt the wind embrace me, a cool old friend. Casually, I looked over, as you got out of your car. There you were, hello.

Looking back at me, your dark features, gentle, reserved but honest face nodded hello. Walking around towards me, you stretched out your hand and shook mine. I felt the warmth, like the gentle glow of embers in a quiet fire.

Without having to prompt, we both grabbed our day packs, and began our adventure. Having no idea it wasnt just the path ahead of us that day, that we were to go on.

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Music Sunday – “Open Hands” by Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid has an excellent way of writing beautiful music with lyrics that match. Even if they don’t say the most happiest of things, they can truly express what is real. 

“Nobody wants to be the only one that’s left standing

Nobody wants to be the only one to understand

And now I’m seeing the way that you’re leaving without me
Now go on and drift away

The tide can hold you out

Go quiet now

Go sound go safe

Open hands are hard to hold onto anyway



Music Sunday – “Let it all go” by Birdy and Rhodes

Well, I always believe music finds you. And helps you feel what you need to feel right then and there, when you cannot explain it yourself. Beautiful song and beautiful video. 


Plantation Shutters

You walked up to me in the bar. I was alone. Your smile hit me, your light hit me. I barely remember most of the conversation due to my internal dialogue wondering who you were. And before I knew it, you had to go to buy your mates drinks. I didn’t see you again that night, but hoped, due to your admittance you followed me on instagram, I would hear from you again.

Next morning I did. Asked me out on a date. I didn’t know anything about you, but I still felt that light and wanted to see you again.

We met for a cocktail. Bubble tea cocktail. Your energy was there. So was that smile. We lost track of time in our conversations, at one point you were talking to the girl nearby cause her date was going terribly. You leant in and kissed me, and you had me.

Later in the week, I stayed over yours. You had just installed “Plantation Shutters”. They stopped the lights from outside coming into your room. It was peaceful and dark. I felt your arms around me and I fell asleep so soundly.

Every time I stayed over, it became tradition to close the Plantation Shutters. What made them different to normal shutters? Don’t remember. Don’t care. It was just a fun little moment each time.

I met some of your close friends. It was warm. I felt welcome. I felt privileged, as I detected this didn’t happen often. We enjoyed dinners, we enjoyed breakfasts. We swapped stories of growing up, and how we thought. We followed similar paths, and also very different. We had faith, and we had values that complimented each other. You made me laugh. I made you laugh.

I felt you not respond as quickly as you used to. I explained to myself you were a busy man. When it came to two months, I mentioned it had been two months. You were surprised it was two months, then we changed topic. I wanted to know who we were. What were we? I wanted to know.

You said one night, while we sat on your couch, that we needed to talk about us. Yes. We did! Finally. Then your face said it all. This was not going to be a good chat. I heard your doubt. But there was hope. You still wanted me to stay the night. We got into bed, but the Plantation Shutters were open. You didn’t seem concerned, so I left them open. Three hours went by, the bright lights outside kept me awake. I woke up sweating. 2am. I got out of bed, and decided to go home.

A week later, faraway in Asia, you messaged me to answer my question of where you were at in your head. You let me go. You couldn’t give me enough, you said. You had to be honest. I had felt again, and I tried. That is all we can do. You asked me if I wanted to say anything else, I said you already knew.



The moment a cloud covers the sun, and things go darker, it can be instantly hard to remember what it was like when the sun was there. The coolness rushes through, colour is less vivid, light changes. Then the sun comes back again, as fast as it left. Whether it brings with it welcomed warmth or pounding heat.


Those elastic exercise devices frighten me. I have images and scenarios that flash through my mind of the elastic and it’s plastic handle snapping back into my face. So I bought one. It hangs behind my door, allowing no excuse to not exercise. It moves in the breeze from the window, its happy fluro elastic waiting to stretch. Then those images arise again, elastic in the eye. And I walk out the door and go for a run. It helps me exercise.

I walked out of a cafe this morning. This poodle, a large poodle was sitting there in the sun, panting. It immediately looked me up and down, several times. It was judging me. It had to be. And this is another reason I dislike poodles.

Music Sunday – “Walking in the Sun” by PANG!

I simply like this song, as it is the Spring anthem for this year for me. It also reminds me of Toni Childs. You just wanna keep strolling, focussing on the present.

Shame that the music video is so uncreative, including barefoot hipsters walking across the desert the entire clip.


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