Model Hands – 9th September 2008

The other day, I was attempting to cook a rice pudding, cause it was my way of trying to relive a 20 minute period of my life back when I was about 10, eating my great grandmother’s rice pudding. I felt good about taking up the tradition of using her recipe. Unknown to the fact it was to turn out shit and even my brother confirmed this.
Anyways, in the process, I typically managed to punch my knuckle into the oven shelf, it was hot for some reason, mainly cause it was turned on, and I gave myself a nice burn over my knuckle. Conclusion, my knuckles,that are attached to my hands, can never be model hands ever again.
A few days later, and the burn isnt liking my hand. Though I still cannot be bothered buying some cream for it. Savlon? Is that the name of it, or a brand?

Went to the gym again this morning. 7:30am. I am starting to really feel like I am taking this seriously. I arrived and the creepy guy at the counter, looked at me creepily. But Jono called saying his Vespa was flat and he needs a lift to the gym. After struggling to remember where he lived.. last time I went there it was dark, I found him and took him back.

Two guys near us, mentor and apprentice, were working out. Yep. In a gym. One of them seemed to think it was his duty to stare me off. While i stood there looking awkward as usual, trying to do dumbell curls without looking like I was trying.

I tried to also balance on an excercise ball, making sure I took a masculine colour, the women there would have opposed me otherwise. Probably not but hey, makes me sound less of a dick. Though couldnt balance with one leg and hand. Basics for me still. One of the personal trainer’s claim to fame there is that he is the brother of one of the Gladitors. I would want to hope I had a better claim to fame. Like, hey I am an astronaut.

Got back, and cleaning the house. Course I started with my room and stopped there. Mum is coming tonight, picking her up from the airport, she is down to see Poppy. Though am trying to time it well so that I dont have to pay for parking. Wallet is a bit empty you see. Will be great to see her though.

Will be going with her and my Nan and Pop to see Poppy tomorrow, it will be an interesting session I think. Family politics, and baby politics, who holds baby first and who gets photos first. It really all is quite unnatural and awkward I find. But Poppy, my first niece, is beautiful. My first hold and she cried. I assumed it was cause I was a homosexual, but nah it was cause she was hungry! Go figure hey! But then by the second time she was good, and I didnt feel as awkward holding her. Never really get taught really… and thanks to my sister who reminded how awkward I looked holding her, I felt even more so.

Countdown to finding out if I have this new job as coordinator ticks down… tomorrow is result day. I would do a poll, but noone would vote whether they think I would get it or not. And me doing it by myself is rather, dull/sad/sick/sad/weird.

My dog is lying in the sun, with a collar on, I put it on him. I will leave him to it.


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