A birthday: A quarter of a century

So I turned 25. And had a good set of people celebrate with me for my birthday. Family dinner at tapas restaurant, where my family had no idea what the hell tapas what, let alone sangria. Multicultural family we are!
Then on the Saturday I had mates come with me for drinks. I decided to throw caution to the wind and let my mates who didnt know each other, all come along and just let them interact. Now that was interesting.. Good job boys!
Work is really quite intense. I help organise photo shoots, meetings, castings… I run the twitter and facebook pages. I have strange gay men messaging me who are stoked I work for aussieBum. I am being really pushed and out of my comfort zone. But I love it, I feel alive!

I hopefully have found a place to move to and I will finally be able to move out of the family home and be myself in Sydney. Not trapped in the family home, not like its really trapped but just, its very much about time I was in my own place.

Eurovision is on and amusing as always. How do all the songs sound the same??


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