Not old enough..

I woke Tuesday to a sore back… once again. Yep its a whinge moment, but come on, I am 25 and now have bad back problems which involve trips, and successful trips to the Chiro. But at least I havent had an issue for about 6 months! I also have my twisted ankle that wont heal. So great combo for when I am enthusiastic about continually getting fit! Stubborn me continues to go, hey gym will be fine, these ailments wont hinder me. Yeah they do when I realise I stand in the gym for 20 minutes flicking through songs on random play on my MP3 Player, no, no, no, no, ye… no, no. Notice how I said MP3 player, so I can remain mysterious as to what cultural branded device I do or do not cave to.

This blog is 1 in 200 000 000 blogs out there. Just read that. 200 million people managing what they say and do in their life. What does that say about people in general. A general fear we wont be remembered when we die, or a general feeling of what we do is important enough to document?

I ended up going to the Chiro (yes I saved this blog and continued on post chiropractor, did not travel in time). Loved the fact I was lying on my stomach and the assistant was massaging my back with this large crazy vibrator thing when the doorbell rang, she went to answer it and some woman came in demanding to know what the name of the plants were in the window. She had no idea, so woman left pissed off.

My car key no longer automatically opens the doors. I thought it was that the battery had died. It wasnt. I replaced the battery. Well at least its novel and I feel like I am back in 1990 when it was cool to open your car door with a key.

Wanna wake up early at dawn so I can speak to the sky.
Went to Polly’s last night. Was amazing. Simply a beautiful atmosphere with friendly people everywhere just having fun. And I was with such good people I am so happy to have in my life. I ended up having a dance off, didnt realise they were an actual dancing champion, but when you are slightly drunk, your dancing rocks and I totally beat him.

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