And what do you do for work?

I went to a houseparty the other night, a friend of mine invited me to go as he feels, and hey I accept, that I dont go too well when it comes to all gay events. I either freak out randomly and get in a bad mood and want to leave or I go all silent AND leave. So was open to the challenge of working on my social skills. Why do I get like this, I hear you ask… well I think because I have that stupid case of not feeling like I can relate or better still, act like I cant relate.

So we turned up and it was a big wide open stylish apartment with music going and fashionable humans around the room. I think when you tell yourself inside “dont look awkward, dont look awkward” you end up smiling and walking across looking awkward and staring blankly at drinks and fumbling for a cup to make your own drink. Anyways after a few minutes I relaxed and made eye contact with people cause you know, its what you do. I was introduced to an Argentinian couple (they arent Argentinish supposedly..) and chatted to them for a while, very kind fellas. Naturally you are asked what you do as a job… sometimes I like to say something else. I am often an employee at an ice cream shop.

Before I knew it, two hours had gone and I was convinced to go to a bar for more drinks. At this stage I was tipsy so no way was I going to drive my car home and my flatmate was working nearby until 3am so accepted the fact that I would wait until then for a lift home. Bar hopping is what occurred and dancing. Then it got to 3am and knocking on my flatmate’s bar’s door asking for him to drive him home. Nah he was off to drinks so I followed.

This night turned into me thinking… funny how some alcohol makes you think MORE when people think it will make you distracted from hurt or drama or what is happening in life.

Found out Tigh is moving to Sydney in September and that naturally didnt go down too well in my mind… since the reason we ended was cause of distance and moving based on a relationship was too hard to handle. My thoughts are out in the jury room right now really.

My blinds are really not the most functional. Vertical blinds should be killed as their function is hindered by gravity, and crap design.

Funny how we vent on blogs about… blinds or.. dating. , when probably at the same moment someone has just been buried in a bomb blast and almost dead. But I guess life is life and in context..

Ugh light globe just blew.

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  1. "and hey I accept, that I dont go too well when it comes to all gay events. I either freak out randomly and get in a bad mood and want to leave or I go all silent AND leave"I just came across your blob and this post. It is nice that I am not the only one who gets this way. (Although, sometimes I just drink heavy in those situations and not leave). Anyways take care man.Sean.

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