Melbourne, lets have Chai.

I landed 4 days ago now. They charged me 140 dollars for additional baggage. When it was my pillow and some towels. Dad saw me off at the airport, he gave me a small note that said he supported me and loved me. In this day and age, it means a lot, especially from fathers from the generation who had fathers who would never say that kind of thing. I am lucky in that. The flight attendant did not give me such a note. She did offer me a cookie, it had apricots in it.

I lugged these costly bags onto the sky bus and then a cab from the CBD to my very generous and awesome friends Matt and Nick’s house. I sat a bit spunout and surreal for a bit and then woke up enough (yeah not even jetlagged, cant have that excuse) to head to the city. Met Dan outside Flinders St Station, and had dinner in a pub, discovered midis are now called pots and scooners are now back to Pints. Brilliant. Had a great first evening.

The following days have been a combo of job hunting, flat browsing and seeing friends and exploring. I also bought a new pack of gum and some maggi noodles from a dodgey convenience store which turned out to be really inconvenient.

It begins to hit home slightly that I have a new life, and wont be seeing people as often as I used to, in Sydney, but hey, life is life. And, thinking of those who are experiencing the horror of Cyclone Yasi, cannot even imagine.

I had a fantastic set of leaving drinks with a great bunch of friends, a few photos were taken. And I say.. “a few”.



  1. Hey, I don't actually know you but I used to live in Melbourne and would highly recommend the Morocan Soup Kitchen in North Fitzroy for an amazing cheap dining experience. Super great food at a very reasonable price. Chick Pea bake is easily my favourite food in all of Melbourne. Also, brunch at Mart in Albert Park is AMAZING! A favourite for any south sider.I'm so jealous of your move from Sydney to Melbourne. Thinking I may move back in time. Such a cool place to be. Good on Cool Dad. and flight attendant.

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