Warm nights

If I had to list some of my favourite things, well I am not having to but I will list them out of want, one of them would have to be stepping outside on a summer evening. I just walked from my home, through the MCG Park and across a footbridge to the river by the City. Cicadas were singing in the night air, the gentle warm breeze, and when I stepped onto the footbridge I felt the warmth from the concrete hit back at me. I sat there with Cal in silence as we looked over the city. That gentle roar of a thousand noises which is so quiet but fills your ears, that sums up the many lights and smells in this Australian city in summer. Not a polluted smell but more a smell of warmth and grass. There were a few bush rats pitching in to make the noise complete in the garden nearby. A night I will remember for its simplicity and it making me experience one of my favourite things.

I had an email today, from a young fella who has emailed me a few times now. He reads my blog and I feel really quite honoured that it has had an impact on him. And that in itself inspires me to just write. Write because it makes me happy but also because it has helped someone else be themselves.

I was chased by a possum a while ago, I approached him/her/it and usually they are quite timid. Nope, this possum edged towards me, like I was the timid animal and then launched itself towards me. In the moment (I was also with someone else who will remain nameless to include them in the embarrassment) your mind only computes, “some unknown creature is running towards me with death in its eyes, RUN”. So we ran, bolted back up the street, and this wasnt just some suburban street, it was a street right next to a major train station. This is where the situation was wrong in the first place, we should have assumed it was a possum on crack. That and the froth coming out of its mouth. We are still debating whether there was froth but it justifies our running the other way. The possum continued to run after us but then got distracted by a bin. A young fella was walking the way we just had and dodged eye contact with us, two grown adult men freaked out by a casual possum. We were walking the wrong way anyways. Have you ever walked along a street and then realised you were walking the wrong way? So you look at your phone, pretend to call someone and change direction chatting to a pretend person, this way making it look like you have just been told by the person on the phone to turn around. When really who is actually taking that much care or notice on which way some random stranger is walking and that it is not out of a science fiction novel if the person changes direction? Glad I got that out.. moving on.

My Cousin shared this on his wall the other day. I liked it, and even though it is a woman singing with a tiny voice and big emotions (a friend says that my music taste covers this category) it is quite a real song with that dreamy quality that everyone should have.


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