View of the World

A view of the world.

I learnt some french, I think.

Vue De Monde was the next stop on the Bank of Melbourne and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Adventure (deep breath).

From stepping into the lift and going up to the top of one of Melbourne’s tallest buildings, seeing the sunset shine into the beautiful bar and beginning the experience at the restaurant were only a few of the memories.

As soon as we finished our tour of the kitchens, we were led to our table. The tables were all very spread out and each had its own direct view out across Melbourne city. I could only smile as I looked across the city that I call home now, and had my fella by my side, both thankful for this adventure.

Vue de monde

The servers were all fantastic and all had a cheeky glint in their eye, not wanting to give away the surprises of the night. So to keep it that way, I will not expand too much into the food itself, other than to say it has to be one of the best experiences at a restaurant. Simply because of how creative and interactive it all was, with such a strong Australian influence. We sparked up some great conversations with the staff, and over the 3 and a half hours (yes!) we did not have a dull moment.

I will say though.. this was my favourite dish, I wont say what it involved though:

Favourite of the evening.
Cal and his Movember Mo enjoying the evening.

As we left through the cellar (at the top of a skyscraper) with our breakfast goody bag, we both had big grins on our faces. We were two lucky guys. The next morning, the breakfast bag was perfect. I may not have been!




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