Which is the way?

Where do you go when you have about fifty sign posts in front of you? They all say amazing things, they all give you useful information. Some offer a good time, some offer wisdom, some offer mystery and some offer “the right way”. Perhaps throw gum at them, and it will stick to one, then go with it. Perhaps just blindfold yourself, and walk the way you feel. 

It’s been two months since Cal and I called it an end to the chapter. It feels right and the journey we now both take separately will be fruitful. But I feel so so fortunate he is very much in my life still. So a new chapter is brewing and I tread into the new, cold wet sand, and feel every print my feet make. 

Hello. Bring this new story.      




  1. You and Cal are separated? That’s a very sad thing to read!
    Thank you both for sharing your story with us, gave me hope many, many times for myself.
    To both of you lots of love and happiness, wherever life takes you.

  2. Life’s journey is a daunting one, full of decisions to make. Remember that the most unlikely sign that pops up along may my surprise you. Don’t let it pass you by, take a chance, embrace it, learn and take in all it has to offer. Thank you for sharing you writing mista. As a new follower I look forward to reading about yr life’s journey.

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