Our Part

We all have our part. Whatever you believe, the reality is we are all here. Some of us make others laugh, some of us have an abundance of love to share, some are making sure others don’t die, and so many feel unnoticed cause who they are seems to be insignificant. But we all have our part. And we all have helped someone else, whether we know this or will never find this out. And you will help someone again. And someone will help you.

I like my bike. It makes you feel fast, and free. Except when the chain falls off, and you have to awkwardly pull over in the middle of the major intersection, semi straddling it awkwardly on your tippy toes. Then you get your hands covered in grease, and you didnt casually put a grease rag in the back of your workpants. Other than that, I love my bike.




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