Full Circle

Hello, I am in Melbourne. I thought I said goodbye to Melbourne? Oh silly, you have no idea what will happen next, you actually are now saying hello again. I walked along the beach, a slightly overweight old dog with his snout covered in grey, waved at me as he walked by and the smell of salt and sounds of summer plodded around me. Yet I thought I was meant to have winter, I thought I was going to meet my buddy Joe at Empanada Mama’s in Hells Kitchen in Manhattan. And get the subway to work and be there everyday except Christmas Day.

Though I walk back in to my old world, and greet it again with a smile. I never wanted to leave it, but believed in something deep down and was at peace leaving. And now I sink in again.

I hope to hold on and be steadfast with the return which has been given to me. Melbourne, I love you. I turn around and follow the happy dog, who never left and who enjoyed all I missed. So much to catch up on.


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