Stood Down

In March, when we were told that the world was going to change and we may have to be stood down, I had never heard of that phrase. A colleague Beau asked “What does stand down mean?” Thanks Beau, as I was going to google it later. Stood down means to be told your job is currently not there due to current circumstances though with the expectation that when things become better, your job will be there. Americans in the room, similar to the term “furloughed”.

Over the months that followed, we all knew many who were told they were stood down. Or those who were told their job was simply no more, full stop. And everyone thought the same thing, I could be next. As the lockdowns were introduced, reintroduced and then extended.

And now it is my turn, as I return to this city not even a year ago and haven’t really had the opportunity to settle back into the work I love and the city I adore. My job is suspended until we see the light at the end of this dark night.

And so in the darkness, I turn on my desk lamp and draw up the tale. The story that has been brewing inside somewhere. It is my turn and will now take my turn to get these pages filled. We will all dance again and stand up.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your furlough. It feels like we are in a twilight zone and will wake up one day and none of this ever happens. Until then, keep being the positive person that you and things will pick up again. Good luck and stay safe.

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