Melbourne, A decade.

I am quite a milestone guy. I use the system of dates that is so readily around us to measure where and who and what and when. Not unique, we all do it. Though I am known to read into it a lot more, and remember anniversaries (but not birthdays). This coming week marks ten years since I left Sydney and moved to Melbourne. To think I was a 26 year old man and now 36, where the world has turned and changed so much and I with it. Today was also the day the US and the world greeted a new president with open arms. We hold, what a friend called, artificial hope in a currently troubled time.

Super annoyed that my suitcase I have, has a broken zipper.

I jump in a car, very sweetly loaned to me by Lucy, in a few days. I hold the wheel heading to Sydney, again. I will spend a few months definitely in a reflective and pondering mode as I work up there on a new contract whole I wonder if my world in Melbourne will remain. I will smell the Sydney sea breeze, I will hear the parrots in the trees outside the window. I will feel the humidity and so much of what I grew up with. A special time, where I will see family and also learn new things. And as always, am open. Open to whatever may come.

I also have the synopsis and structure developed enough for my new novel, apparently writing that here in this sentence will inspire me to keep going?


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