Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 14

Well why not write another update. Im sitting watching the basketball
England V. NZ. The commonwealth games. Seems like you guys are putting
a good games on. Most events have british commentary, but i cant stop
laughing because this basketball game has aussie commentators. Man…
its so so weird to hear the accents. I cant stop laughing, not in a
bad way, just forget sometimes how strong they can be. I was watching
the lawn bowls earlier, and the camermen zoomed up on christmas
beetles on the lawn. The british commentators were horrified and were
freaking out, hoping they didnt bite or were poisonous. They talked
about the beetles for most of the game.. it was very amusing. And the
crowd were making aussie cheers, and the commentators were claiming it
was unfair to the british team. then they said “well we cant really
expect any better from the australians” ooooooo!!
Ok, my weekend.. St pats day on Friday, and i hung out with some mates
in a pub till about 8, but i got hungry and went and found noodles at
my house, and didnt go back out again. then Saturday i met up with
Kiwi Matt, and went to westminster abbey. was so cool! Tom was down
visiting some texan friends of his, and they were goin to the abbey
too, so we all went together. hehe then no surprise.. we all went to
Wagamamas. We then had to get the two texan girls back to the London
eye (big ferris wheel sort of thing.. that goes high above london).
They were going with their big group of texan people on it. But one of
the girls parents didnt want to go on it.. and gave me and tom their
tickets. Was so cool. We were on it, just as the sun was setting, so
we saw big ben and all that, slowly get dark and then lit up in gold.
I felt so touristy, was fun. I hardly ever do that sort of stuff, so
the day was pretty different. I also played up the whole aussie thing
for the americans. They loved it.
then just hung out with tom for the night, as the girls went to dinner
with their big group. Didnt do much else for the weekend.
Oh and I tried to attempt to get the bus again. I swear someone plans
it all for Lloyd’s misery. I walk towards the road then.. zoom… red
bus goes past. ahhhhhh it makes me just wanna.. well i do, i shout at
the bus. tell it its dumb, and red. (no offense to red heads anywhere)
Well its 5 months today since i got here. I bought an orange to celebrate.
My mate Ardon’s brother is in hospital cause he was bashed up randomly
in Kingston. bit of a shock really… has broken ribs and pretty
battered looking.. and feeling im sure.
Well 4 and a half weeks till Louise and Dad get here, im not counting
or anything.
I have a few different job options right now.. think i will retire
from discovery channel just before Dad and Louise get here.. then have
a few weeks off and start either.. production assistant job with post
produciton house, or on production shoot for our new film Control, up
manchester/nottingham way for 8 weeks. Yet to decide what to do.. Or
possibly officer manager at the production house i work at now.
so thats my update..
and i saw my first squirrel!! but he was bein a popular little fella,
with some mexican tourists. i let him to it. Will catch up with him
Well the weather still looks pretty good by what i see on tv. we are
having the coldest march in decades.. not the news i want to hear.

till next time. Lloyd.

Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 13

Right well Im bored at work so am going to write an email, whether its
of worth or not.
Well I got back from Bath and.. didnt have a bath, i had a shower. My
shower is dumb though, most uk people seem to have those bath
showers.. where u stand in the bath. and mine has no pressure, and its
either boiling hot or freezing. And their is carpet in the bathroom.
Another weird english thing. How is that practical?? And the cat
enjoys going to the toilet on that damp carpet, so then our whole
upstairs smells of.. yeah cat stuff.
There, thats my rant.
When it looks like its getting warmer, the weather turns cold. I got a
haircut this week and my head is freezing now!! But yeah everyday
there are more and more flowers out. And the ducks are playing with
each other. Yet to see the squirrels back out and about though. A fox
with a limp says hey every now and then though. I stop and look at it,
they look at me, we have a moment, then it scurries off.
What else.. last weekend my mate Tom came down, the guy i visited in
Bath. We watched the rugby again, im learning well, and kinda getting
hooked now. So much better than league. So much better. England played
france in the tri-nations and england lost by so much, I was grinning
cause all the english always remind me of the world cup win in 2003.
Where did that team go hey??
there is this great supermarket called iceland,that i discovered on
the weekend, so cheap!! we bought 12 fish fingers, 12 hash browns and
2 chicken pies for 3 pounds!! we were proud.
I have had a few close calls recently on the bus, so i avoid that bus,
as i said last episode. On friday i had this woman harrass me, she was
drunk. Tom was there and he isnt the sort to ignore people like that,
I would usually just ignore em, so he told her off. And then on
Saturday, i got on the bus and walked past a guy, he put his hand in
my pocket but took it out when he saw tom looking at him, behind me.
But both bad things happened when I was with him, and he looked out
for me. Im all safe everyone, its ok.
Today is one of those days when I want to be in oz, so i can have some
warm weather. But eh, i chose to come and will wake up tomorrow with
some good weather, yah right.
Oh and noone watch british tv if u come over here .terrible. Dont know
what’s worse.. the ads or the shows.
And the commonwealth games starts tomorrow!! Im coming in early so I
can watch the opening ceremony.. 9am in the morning. woo! But england
is missing their queen. Look after her.
I am gonna send a picture of myself, taken the other night when me and
Mel were running around London doing random stuff, we even found a
sweet shop, they had great sweets.

Well Im off now, till next time, eat well and take your vitamins.

Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 12

Everyone asks me, what has happened?? Has Lloyd gone through a
dryspell, his journalistic skills have just gone through a bad phase??
To answer the question, nah, just havent had the time of effort to
really right an update.
Right now I am in Bath. no not IN THE Bath, like about 5 different
people interepreted it to mean when i called them this weekend, but
the city. Its amazing. All the buildings are so old and there are the
roman bath houses.And all the buildings have to be built in the same
colour stone. Works well really. Am visiting my mate Tom and about to
go back to London again. Had a great weekend, chillin and enjoying
fresh air. Went to watch Tom play a union game yesterday and got
introduced to everyone as the Aussie League boy. So they all said,
dont worry, we will teach you the fine art of union. But the game was
cancelled so Tom, his mate and me went to a pub and had ale all
afternoon and watched a union match on telly. Was a lot of fun. Ale is
really good!
So yeah had a good weekend away from the business of london.
Back on the home front, just been working and getting more and more
involved with Dendy films, learning to work all the programs and how
things work in that industry of aquisitions. I love it, and sometimes
a bit surreal. Like the other day my boss wasnt in, but shared the
office with this angry producer and then this director and writer of a
new film that is in preproduction. They made Blade.. if u have heard
of that.
Well yeah just worked out its been about one and a half months since i
last sent an email out so thats probably bad. Im not dead.
What else..
Usually go out with mates most nights and chat and hang out. London
life is really based on social stuff at night, even all week, cause
these winter months can suck, so we gotta stay cheerful. But its
nearly spring and all the trees are starting to bud. Its even more
exciting that seeing it happen in australia. Cause I have learnt to
appreciate coldness and hotness. 5 degrees is a fantastic day here
now, i dont have to wear 5 layers, only 4!

I have officially agreed i love Wagamamas. Its a japanese restaurant i
go to loads. There was one in sydney too. But its like a staple diet
on weekends. Yaki Soba all the way! Japanese food is the best!
Brixton is also a great place, i like it and its become my home. Every
morning i go out of the house, go and sit next to the pond, usually
half frozen over, watch all the ducks walk on the pond. And then go
visit my 4 canadian geese i adopted, two of em i named Blake and Jake,
cause it rhymes with lake. Even though.. yeah its a pond. Wishful
thinking really. Then i walk along the streets of terrace houses for
15 minutes to the tube. I used to catch the bus but EVERY morning i
would walk out to the road the bus would go past. And when it happens
every morning and ur still waking up and a bit morning moody, this can
really make you mad. So I just avoid it and walk to save on many
mornings of kicking the bus stop pole.
Coming home is different though.. i get it every night and it stops
outside tescos metro and I go in and buy humous and pita bread and
salad and fruit and go eat it. Another useful fact for everyone
I really should think beforehand what I will write in these things.
Dad and Louise come in 7 weeks. So thats pretty exciting. We have
arranged that we will stay in London for a few days, go to Italy for a
week then come back to London for a bit longer, cause they have to
meet the geese. Oh and my friends. Will be great fun, and they are
here for my birthday, so that should be cool.
Plans for the next few weeks.. is to work hard and keep proving myself
so I can possibly get this extended visa. And to just keep having fun.
I made a new friend Mel, from brisbane, who I met through Jono, she is
working here as a nanny. My first australian friend in London, yeah i
know. But yeah she is cool and we plan to hang out more, she is
looking for a good church too cause she has been to a few and they
pretty much ignored her. Welcome to London!!
Sorry for the disjointed email. Once I click send I will realise you
can edit emails before sending, but yeah sometimes its interesting
this way!
Hope everyone is enjoying the disappearing days of summer, as you head
into winter.
Like i always say, email me, its fun. and Good for the mind.