Time is that thing.

You write and then you don’t write. Time goes under your skin, you don’t see it. Then it appears, ugly like a wound. You realise you have allowed time to go by. Then a banana peel is thrown in for good humour. A good distraction. Look over there! Forget about time again.

My garden out the back of my home, is alive and well with green. I dont seem to pay too much attention what is actually growing, it is just satisfying that it is green and growing. I wont eat whatever is growing there, I am meant to though. That’s the purpose originally. Meant to make you feel all good and organic. Though it would feed me for a day, less than a day.


I fly to US in a week. Meet the fella’s family. Have Thanksgiving. It has flown by, the time between since we planned it, and now. A journey that I am sure will be bigger in my head than in reality.