So a new procedure at work, which is extremely useful for everyone, is to have multiple fittings and having a body model stand in the current stage of a garment (a pair of undies for example) and the pattern maker and the designer look at it and see where it is good and bad, and also ask the body model how they feel etc. I volunteered to be the body model when they need me, cause I think this is crucial. The old system was someone trying on the garment then relaying to the pattern maker what needs to change.

So the other day, was doing a fitting for them. It is a pretty crucial product as it will be a core product that a lot of people will buy. So we need to get it right. Though when the next time came around for a fitting, I wasnt asked, but said they were going to get a few of the other guys to try it on. And without directly saying it, which they sort of did.. was that they need someone to fill out the front a bit more. Ouch? Now, I have never had an issue with size until that moment. I dont anymore once again, but for that hour of my life I thought… wow, it mattered.

But then the next day I was back fitting again. Makes total sense..

Week three of my fitness program. 9 more to go… and I am not losing motivation. When does this begin to happen.. week 4? Lets see how I go hey.

Off to Melbourne this weekend. Decided it was time for another getaway. Time to just stroll around and take photos of stuff and have some chill out time. Sean will be back next week and it will be ALL SYSTEMS GO!! So may need a tad bit of a breather before that happens. Will be good to see some of my friends down there, though even though it is the first day of Spring today (slight woohoo, just slight) I hear Melbourne wont be reflecting this woohoo with me, but its meant to be pouring and cold. Though Melbourne doesnt need to be sunny to appreciate I think. It is more about what is happening that the sun, though it is the other way around in Sydney.

Off to an AFL match on Sunday. Sydney!!!

Ben the Dog

My mum told me the other week that since she was moving in with her new partner, she couldnt keep her dog anymore. This was the puppy golden retriever that she bought three months ago. She argued that it breaks her heart to have to get rid of him, but there was no yard in her partner’s place and she had to move in with her cause life is too short. I see her point but.. it just simply isnt justified to do, when a puppy is just not for that reason, a three month window. So Ben is off to a farm down the south coast to live with three other golden retrievers. If I had my own yard, I would have taken him. Was nice meeting you Ben.

So why do people have such cool or qwerky facebook profile pictures.. like kissing a washing machine poweder box man or reflection of a reflection of yourself? Hm I have had the same one for like 6 months.

Nah I am going back to the Mum thing. I think I worked out why I find it so upsetting. Ben is like a representation of us kids in the past. Though I expressed this to her and she didnt get it and so that was the end of that chat.

Went out to Polly’s last night. It is an old school disco thing and had some of my closest friends there. So much fun, to just be with friends and have a dance and not care at all.

I was walking in the gym the other day and just done a leg workout. The workout plan told me to go on the step machine next, and it was upstairs to the mezzanine level that looked out over the rest of the gym. I went up the first few stairs and my legs casually gave out on me, and i fell onto the metal stairs with a bang. So naturally I did the casual get up and pretended it never happened. iPod in and just casually walked to the stair climber. I was a little hesitant, because this is the machine I had only ever seen housewives use, and I didnt have the tights they wear. The other hesitation was that simple fact that I struggled going up real stairs, let along a fake, never-ending staircase as such. I got on, started going and then just felt ridiculous, that on top of the fact my knees buckled again and hit my chin on the controls. Casually I got off and walked down the stairs and out of the gym.


I wear my glasses so inconsistently that whenever I do, I get people all day commenting on how I look in glasses. Its like it is the first time everytime. And every time, the same chick at works says I look stupid and the same guy says I look like a famous person I have never heard of, each time I still have never heard of them. Though I think I am finding I see better with them and then take em off and dont realise.

Now arent you glad you read that above paragraph. Made your day hey.

This week is gonna be different.. on loop.

Ever had the Sunday where you go, right, clean my room. A new start. If I have a fresh and clean room and house and go to bed early, this week is gonna be different. The last day I am gonna eat crap food, and gonna set my alarm for 5:45 so I can get up for a run and be all ready for the week. This week will be where I will work out more what I want to do with my life, exercise, overall improve myself. Floss. Take the rubbish out for even my flatmates, they will think I rock. Finish the night with a feel good show, that I personally relate to and so I feel like I have more identity and then get to bed.

Sort of that kind of Sunday. Hello Sunday, I believe we have done this before.

Spent the afternoon down in the Shire, overlooking the ocean at a mate’s house, where we all had a nice roast lunch. Felt like such a proper Sunday. The smell reminded me of those Sunday arvos (afternoons) when Mum was cooking a roast and I was planning on going back up to see Jenna and Lauren and plan some kind of puppet show or other play or performance. Its funny how kids are like that. We want to be so creative.. then so many of us shut it down.

Wow I reckon if people analysed my blogs sometimes, its like I am hung up in the past a lot. I go back to childhood a lot, or what WAS. We all do that I suppose. I will keep telling myself that. Or is this just a space to be able to let out what I think often anyways. Yep.


So, unsure if I have ever really talked about the artist known as Robyn before, but I shall now.

I cant sum up why I like her so much. She is a bit rough I guess, not pure pop and she is also not massive in Australia, so the anti popular thing in me makes her more attractive. Though worried that if she gets more popular, whether her talent will overcome the desire to not like her anymore. She has some beautiful songs and some trashy fun songs. She is raw and sings with that sense of “I dont care”. I can lay on my bed and listen to the ferocity in her voice and also dance up a storm by myself in my undies to her.

Though its also the memories behind it. When it comes to music, its what you think about when you hear the music no? I think of simple life a few years ago from Robyn’s old album. With Neal and pumping it up in the car driving across freeways on a road trip. Trying to catch an egg in a frying pan and it going everywhere cooking, while she played in the background in the lounge room. Paused smiles and dance chords in London.

Robyn – Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

Knock back is a knock forward.. yeah?

You know, after a few bad dating experiences of late, have realised that a a knock back can really be a step forward. A friend only told me today that when he was seeing a guy who was not that fussed about dating my friend, realised that why convince someone that you are date worthy? Shouldnt it just come naturally? Sure it is different in other circumstances but usually, it should be someone who desires you. So it can actually be a positive lesson. But then it all becomes a bit preachy maybe and so should just stop there. Scooby Doo wouldnt go on about it, simply say his catch phrase and life rocks. And maybe just catch a fake ghost every weekend, were there ever any REAL ghosts on that show? Ripped off…

Why do we get given photo frames for presents? We only have so much shelf space. And the ones we do have in frames are so old and any new photos stay on our hard drive or tagged on facebook.

Monday meant the photoshoot for the new model. Also meant we were standing on a beach in the north of Sydney city and my boss thought the model needed more tan. So left it up to me to deal with. Thoughts ran through my head of how do I apply fake tan to a new model, with no applicator, and no towels or gloves and also no spare garments to avoid fake tan getting on actual gaments we were shooting. SO I asked him to pull his swimwear slightly tighter and I had to simply apply fake tan to my hands and rub it in. Awkward. Mainly cause I had two video camera filming me (thanks guys) and Sean sitting in his car, grinning at how amusing this was. The poor fella, thankfully found the whole thing amusing, as its not everyday some random guy rubs you up in fake tan. So in the end, not too bad the experience. We also had chicken rolls.

Still kinda hoping Tigh contacts me. It just feels odd to have it all so.. left like this. Just concerned for him..

I always wondered as a kid why you were told not to touch the sides of a tent in the morning. Was the dew going to burn through and make holes…? I just didnt want a goanna getting in, so was totally cool with not touching the sides. A goanna is a large lizard in Australia and one really freaked me out once cause it was walking towards me really slowly when I was about 9. I threw a stick at it to just amuse myself, and this did not deter it but simply made it bolt towards me. I turned and ran, straight into a tree branch, while it kept running towards me, straight past me and into my tent. The purpose of this, was… what Lizard? What? I ask this to this day.

Pretty sure this is the goanna that chased me. Google images found it, still alive I see.

A Friday

Yesterday we finally had a casting where we knew straight away that he would be right for aussieBum. So when that happens sometimes it means we go into action right away, and yesterday was one of those days.

The guy I had spotted out one time and he finally had sent through photos and that same day brought him in for a casting. He has never modeled and quite amused that we wanted him. My boss said right let’s do a shoot today, get him a bit more of a tan around the legs and a slight hair trim. I was about to find out this would be a bit more complicated then assumed.

Model and I drove to Balmain to find some natural fake tan in a bottle. I was only given the instructions of ‘it’s in a shopping arcade in Balmain’.

Right now I am so annoyed as I spent an entire half an hour writing out the adventure that occurred.. and then stupid blog didnt save and I lost it all. So really, noone gets to read it now. Was good and amusing though.

Here is a photo. The adventure description would have made this photo more relevant.