This week is gonna be different.. on loop.

Ever had the Sunday where you go, right, clean my room. A new start. If I have a fresh and clean room and house and go to bed early, this week is gonna be different. The last day I am gonna eat crap food, and gonna set my alarm for 5:45 so I can get up for a run and be all ready for the week. This week will be where I will work out more what I want to do with my life, exercise, overall improve myself. Floss. Take the rubbish out for even my flatmates, they will think I rock. Finish the night with a feel good show, that I personally relate to and so I feel like I have more identity and then get to bed.

Sort of that kind of Sunday. Hello Sunday, I believe we have done this before.

Spent the afternoon down in the Shire, overlooking the ocean at a mate’s house, where we all had a nice roast lunch. Felt like such a proper Sunday. The smell reminded me of those Sunday arvos (afternoons) when Mum was cooking a roast and I was planning on going back up to see Jenna and Lauren and plan some kind of puppet show or other play or performance. Its funny how kids are like that. We want to be so creative.. then so many of us shut it down.

Wow I reckon if people analysed my blogs sometimes, its like I am hung up in the past a lot. I go back to childhood a lot, or what WAS. We all do that I suppose. I will keep telling myself that. Or is this just a space to be able to let out what I think often anyways. Yep.



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