As usual, it took me a while to find this restaurant. I am not used to looking down at the ground to find a restaurant down the classically Melbourne’s Flinders Lane. The establishment was in a basement, with the only signs that it existed were a few knee high windows next to the pavement. CODA was a restaurant I had heard of and I had been very keen to give it a go. So I was pretty darn lucky for it to be Dinner Four of the Bank of Melbourne and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Prize. The industrial look was a winner as soon as I walked in, and sat down at our table. The mesh lighting was a bit different but at the same time, very Melbourne. Thats the cool thing about this city, anything goes and therefore it becomes unexpected all at once.

Our cheery waitress talked us through the menu like it was her favourite short story, and I discovered that pretty much 3/4 of the dishes on the menu could be turned into a vegetarian dish. The menu is divided up to smaller dishes and larger dishes, so it was a shared scenario for the evening. We ordered a long list of things, as we were in a fortunate situation, along with about four cocktails each, and still didn’t come close to our gift voucher budget. I was very impressed and the food was fantastic. The odd thing was that my favourite thing on the menu was the side of brussel sprouts. Something about them made me just want to proclaim how good they were to the people in the street on the way home. I came close.

The cocktails were fantastic, I would come here just for them, the Clover Leaf being my favourite, so rock on in there and don’t even look at the list, act like a local and order it. As long as you are cool with drinking alcohol. It has alcohol in it.

All I can say is that everything I ate was fresh and quality, with an overall asian feel to the menu, with modern/western twists on some of the dishes. Can I just say it was all yum and all should go here? It isn’t too expensive either.

Walking back out into the night after finishing off the dinner with an amazing set of desserts also, I was simply chuffed. Thanks Coda, there was a reason I had heard of you.

Ants and Globes

The massive wall of water was naturally pretty intimidating. Yet I doubt it was to the pair of ants. They just walk around it and keep looking around for some kind of snack. Are you one to let the bathroom floor dry by itself or make sure all moisture is mopped up before you turn the light off? I am the first one. Surely you gotta let nature do some work, evaporation and the water can disappear somewhere and the morning will reveal a dry floor, the ants all wrapped up in bed. Relevant photos seem to go to this, it is colourful at least and there are ants and liquid, but ignore it and stick with my original bathroom thing.

I bought a globe the other day. I see it as a transitional globe. I want my own old beautiful globe with a wooden base, with the world map full with detail one day. The globe I bought was one that came t in a flatpack kit, and it creates a sort of globe cube (I am crap at maths and so have no idea what the real name is, but some distant relation to a dodecahedron as there is probably about 32 sides, if dodecahedron is even related to this discussion). The map was also cardboard and it was in greyscale so you could colour in the countries. I was back in grade two and while the TV made noise and flashed images, I was off in globe land colouring in. Though I was grown up about it, I only selected shades of green to represent land mass and could only colour countries I had been to. I feel I am well travelled so it would clearly show. After twenty minutes of colouring in, and during that time failed to stay in the lines, I had finished. Folding, slotting and shaping, I finally had the globe.

It looked like the one in the store, but it had no scuff marks from hipsters fondling it. Though I was proud of it, I really had a new dismal perspective on my travels as I had barely even made a mark on the globe yet. I have travelled more than a water hen or a medium sized dog, so I felt better and placed the transitional, in-between globe on top of the stuffed bunny kit next to the TV. I should do more craft.

What other ramble can I do? I can be trapped inside my own desire to escape the ramble. To escape the woven and established conversation that is to break free from the norm. Vomit, a tad more and then some.

I miss the beach.