Christmas Zombies

So this post has nothing to do with Zombies. Nor really about Christmas, other than the fact that is is 4 weeks away. But here is a photo as to not disappoint. Dont ask me to make them or where to purchase them though. I just dont know these things.

But how good are days with sun and the smell of warmth. Today is one of those days and I look out and see a handyman cutting away at some board on his balcony. Another guy reading a newspaper rather awkwardly as he is standing up and leaning down and over onto a table that the newspaper is resting upon, about a foot off the ground. I dont usually read papers like that but hey, I am not everybody. Nor is he. One floor down, a lady is wiping down her BBQ, an almost religious ritual, preparing for a cultural summer feast.

Then there is me. Sitting on my balcony, oh and great, I have only one shoe on. How did this even happen? Sitting on my balcony, leaning on my wobbly table and watching my bean plants. There is one small beetle on one of the leaves, shading itself and probably destroying my bean plant. But I gave him/her a home and probably their larvae so hey, things are looking up. I am a provider of homes, so pretty much, I am a real estate agent. The best kind, as I dont ask for money, just the simple pleasure of watching my tenants whenever I want. There is a praying mantis of some sort on the coriander, but I am pretty sure it is a crap tenant. Why? Cause the plant isbrown and dying. Or is the landlord/real estate agent just hopeless at their job? Cannot even provide sufficient water service.

Alright, think I have ran enough with that whole thing and also realised it sounds kinda creepy. But here is a great representation of the prey mantis and I. Except I am not a cat and I am not as malevolent as the cat. And the praying mantis on my plant is about 10 x smaller than this species and not in the grass. I dont have grass on my balcony. And my hair isn’t white. Think thats it…

Speaking of running. I like to do that sometimes.

I started back doing a Fed Square shift (Melbourne’s meeting place) working as an Event Supervisor. It was great to be up and running around doing things, as opposed to sitting at my desk all day. Felt good. Like being in the middle of constructing a lego pirate ship. What will it look like in the end? What it does on the packet?

Working on Chapter Three at the moment. Keep an eye out.


A vacant paper deer head is looking at me. Staring down. For all I know, it is staring through me. But we are focussed on one’s self these days so it is staring at me for all purposes of the gist I am going with. I was just looking through my photos from past and present in the shoeboxes we all store things in. Looking for a new set to place in frames, rotating those clicks in time where I either look my best or a moment that brought the best out in me or those around me. Otherwise its simply a great shot of my pet chicken in 1995. And every time I do this, I have the opportunity to leave some photos behind or shuffle them up even more so. It really becomes like the mind, no real chronological order. But more that snap or… that memory.

St Katherine’s of Kew

Dad has done so many things for me, as Dad’s usually do. So I wanted to invite him along to one of my prizes, and look after him for the evening. So he flew down for the weekend, and next up on the menu was St Katherine’s.

I had been in Melbourne almost two years but had not been to Kew. My only association with Kew was my obsession with a Christian Rock band from there in 1998. Things have changed since then… We shall move on..

Dad and I entered into the large open planned dining area, and it was a bustle of fun activity everywhere. This place was somewhere everyone enjoyed, full of families of all ages, couples and parties. I will highlight it wasnt a scene from a Pizza Hut in the 1990’s cause that has associations of all you can eat pizza and salad bars, bacon bits and screaming children. This was a happy and lively atmosphere, not in the draining way. Plus it is not Pizza Hut, cannot even compare the two, apologies for evening seeming to do so.

It wasnt a hard choice to choose the banquet style dinner themed around food the head chef George’s mother used to make. And the food came out, all types of Turkish, Greek and other Mediterranean dishes. Dad and I had a blast (yes I used the word blast), along with some tasty cocktails, the evening sure was one that was going to stay with me a long time. Highlights being the Pide, Haloumi and the Cocktail jug I shared with Dad.

I was fortunate naturally to have a gift voucher for here, but I will totally come here again with my money. It is affordable, friendly and the food was perfect.


Dad loved the cocktails and the food.


I think Haloumi may have to be one of the best things invented.


Pide – The best one I have ever had, even better than a drunk late night Pide.