St Katherine’s of Kew

Dad has done so many things for me, as Dad’s usually do. So I wanted to invite him along to one of my prizes, and look after him for the evening. So he flew down for the weekend, and next up on the menu was St Katherine’s.

I had been in Melbourne almost two years but had not been to Kew. My only association with Kew was my obsession with a Christian Rock band from there in 1998. Things have changed since then… We shall move on..

Dad and I entered into the large open planned dining area, and it was a bustle of fun activity everywhere. This place was somewhere everyone enjoyed, full of families of all ages, couples and parties. I will highlight it wasnt a scene from a Pizza Hut in the 1990’s cause that has associations of all you can eat pizza and salad bars, bacon bits and screaming children. This was a happy and lively atmosphere, not in the draining way. Plus it is not Pizza Hut, cannot even compare the two, apologies for evening seeming to do so.

It wasnt a hard choice to choose the banquet style dinner themed around food the head chef George’s mother used to make. And the food came out, all types of Turkish, Greek and other Mediterranean dishes. Dad and I had a blast (yes I used the word blast), along with some tasty cocktails, the evening sure was one that was going to stay with me a long time. Highlights being the Pide, Haloumi and the Cocktail jug I shared with Dad.

I was fortunate naturally to have a gift voucher for here, but I will totally come here again with my money. It is affordable, friendly and the food was perfect.

Dad loved the cocktails and the food.
I think Haloumi may have to be one of the best things invented.
Pide – The best one I have ever had, even better than a drunk late night Pide.


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