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Music Sunday – “Cut Your Teeth” by Kyla La Grange

When I first heard this song, it sounded familiar but not sure why. Then it kinda just clicked, it felt like I was listening to a song from the early 90’s while in the back seat of the family van. But then new elements come in gradually, and I became addicted to this song and also the remix. Kyla has a great future ahead of her, her new album is out and is different from the usual pop out there at the moment. Something like quirk pop. Will also admit that she does sound a little “Robyn-esque”.

Original Version:

Kygo Remix:

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Music Sunday – “Rescue” by Yuna

The thing I like about this song, is that so many people try and rescue. But not everyone needs rescuing. Life comes from within. First Day of Winter 2014. Happy June!



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