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Music Sunday – “Missing U” by Robyn

It has been an eight year wait while Robyn went on a creative adventure to explore and be inspired. Now she is back with a classic Robyn track, which has made me so happy. The lyrics themselves are sad but she has the incredible knack of creating an intoxicating dance beat to marry with the words. You really can embrace sadness and walk out of it.

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I have been in in the city of New York for five months now.

In that time, I spent three months seeking my next role, obtaining that role and then slowly setting up life here.

Two days ago I got my own apartment in Brooklyn, a walk-up. This is the term used for no elevator but flights of stairs. I love my little new home. I have a mattress on the floor and an old bed side cabinet I found on the side of the road from the 1930s. There was a pack of condoms in the drawer when I found it. I jumped on Amazon and bought with same day delivery a Dr Who shower curtain because my old house mate and best buddy refused to let me have one in my home in Melbourne. Priorities hey. Now to find a couch (not from the street though).

It is warm and humid. I have always raved about how I could live in this sort of weather everyday. Not in NYC, it is like walking around the mouth of a homeless person. Dripping by the time I get to work after travelling the subway.

I now work in an office cubicle on 10th floor in Midtown Manhattan. 18 months ago, if you told me this I would not have believed you. It is like I am living some dude’s life In a film before some giant wave hits the building. I have no idea what this city may bring, but as a wise woman told me last week , “if you are open to NYC, NYC will open to you.”

Well NYC, I am open.