2002 and 2007… 5 years since school

Well I know it might sound lame, but it felt like yesterday since I finished school. It has now been 5 years.

To prove this… recently me and 3 old friends got our photo taken again, standing in the same position amongst ourselves. A lot has happened in those 5 years, and we arent that close anymore, well Heather and I are, but the other two have gone different ways compared to us. Or is that Heather and I went different ways to the usual… probably that.

Ok the first photo…..

Heather, Luke, Rachel and I, November 2002. Year 12 Formal

And second photo…

Heather, Luke, Rachel and I, at Rachel’s wedding, 20th October 2007. We really haven’t changed that much…

Raining… and a date.

Ok so it is raining once again today. It is meant to be almost summer and we are having 16 degree days and pouring rain. I am rather better off in London! Hey funny that, I am there in 2 weeks!

Neal took me on a date last night. I like the concept of a couple going on dates still. It was such a great night, sitting and just talking for ages. And a good bottle of red wine. I swear I am still such a light weight. Good thing Neal drove!

We talked about so many things, one of the topics being how we differ in different ways. I can be such a flirt and its been programmed into me for so long, to be able to flirt with whoever I want. But now I am in a relationship, it is a new thing for me to stick with one person. That might sound odd, don’t get me wrong, I Love Neal. Love being with him and its such an adventure for me and couldn’t ask for a better guy. I just mean, it is taking me a while to get used to it. I am actually really liking it. Someone finally managed to tie me down.

And now we are going in for the big test… a 6 week overseas holiday together. I am sure there will be hard parts but I am looking forward to the challenge. Am I naive? Hm.. bring it on.

And so we begin… DAY ONE

Ok, so lets see how this goes.

I want to just talk about what I have done or talked about with people.

So Neal (my boyfriend) and I, discussed what we believed in, right this very present.

Neal said he believes in family. The idea of it, and his own family in specifics. They stuff up but always come through.

I said I believed in enjoying this life. And helping others enjoy it. Thats it for me right now. But I miss God. I grew up in a strong reformed Christian background. Though the whole gay thing through everything out the window, and I have felt ever since that I had to make a choice. Gay or Christian. Though I know it is possible to reconcile them both.

I want to talk out where I am at with this, as go along in the next chapter of my life. Video blogs and pictures and words.