Raining… and a date.

Ok so it is raining once again today. It is meant to be almost summer and we are having 16 degree days and pouring rain. I am rather better off in London! Hey funny that, I am there in 2 weeks!

Neal took me on a date last night. I like the concept of a couple going on dates still. It was such a great night, sitting and just talking for ages. And a good bottle of red wine. I swear I am still such a light weight. Good thing Neal drove!

We talked about so many things, one of the topics being how we differ in different ways. I can be such a flirt and its been programmed into me for so long, to be able to flirt with whoever I want. But now I am in a relationship, it is a new thing for me to stick with one person. That might sound odd, don’t get me wrong, I Love Neal. Love being with him and its such an adventure for me and couldn’t ask for a better guy. I just mean, it is taking me a while to get used to it. I am actually really liking it. Someone finally managed to tie me down.

And now we are going in for the big test… a 6 week overseas holiday together. I am sure there will be hard parts but I am looking forward to the challenge. Am I naive? Hm.. bring it on.

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