Yesterday I handed in my resignation at my company. I sat down in the chair in the make-shift meeting room and sighed. My boss looks at me and goes “You are going to resign aren’t you you little fucker!” In a friendly tone, she wasnt verbally abusing me. I chuckled and said, “Yeah”.

She supported me and said I should take it. I gave them one month’s notice, so end there on the 20th of March.

I called my new boss, to tell him when I would be starting, he encouraged me to try get a shorter time space of notice, for my own benefit but in the end decided to stick to my word. And also help them find a replacement.

The day prior to this, my contract was couriered to me at my office. I read over it at night, I informed my father I would be now working for an underwear company as the Exec. Assistant to the CEO. Surprisingly he was very cool and supportive. Even though it had nothing to do with the field I have been working in. Then I went outside and fed the dogs. Denise the chicken didnt eat her dried dog food, which I thought was very odd, so knelt down to look at her closely. She had one of her eyes shut, the poor bird is going blind. So I scattered the food beside her left side and she went to it, in this awkward kind of way. Looks like Denise is on her way out.

Never ask the feminine hygiene bin guy what the Datona car races are when he mentions them. While he is holding the used bin that he is taking away. Because he will stand there for 8 minutes and explain the amazing thing that is Datona and also look at you horrifed that you havent seen one on TV let alone gone to see them. Then shakes your hand to say goodbye, though he did take his glove off to do so, I will give him that. Noted everyone?

So, Lloyd takes a step sideways and then into another industry, fashion. He now works for Aussiebum.


So it has been a few weeks, once again, blah blah blah.

Heather left, exactly a week ago. This time last week I was queuing at the airport to get Oportos Chicken when I found out Heather was leaving 30 mins early so to rush to Starbucks and hang with her before she went through the gates. Chem came with me. We walked up to the tables and her family was sitting there, in this circle. No other choice but to join the circle and face her father and her siblings. Most who I havent spoken to in 3 years. I didnt make eye contact and just spoke to Heather. It felt like any other day and we made chit chat.
10 mins past and we walked to the gate. Heather said bye to her family and then goodbye to me. She turned and walked to the gate, and didnt turn around. I was proud she didnt. Once she was gone.. It was quite the anticlimax. My head told me to get upset cause my best friend wont be near me for about a year, but my emotions always take ages to catch up. Plus at same time, there was some relief. It was a big lead up to her going, so for it to finally happen was a good thing. She goes off on an adventure, and my life goes to another chapter. Wow thats all quite dramatic isnt it.

Mr Tigh comes to visit me in 3 weeks from today. Quite surreal really! Will be great to meet him in person and show him the ways of Sydney and Australia. Cause I am all skilled up on how an aussie deals with the woes and ways of this hardship town. What? Yeah dunno.

I have been offered a position at a new company, that I have been trying to work out if I will take. It is a massive opportunity and I would be very willing to dive into it. I wont specify currently, until it is all in concrete but will once it is in concrete. Sucks to get your feet in concrete though, it sets and then you would be screwed. You would get hungry and couldnt even run and get some lamb chops.

Scenery is something I am really neglecting at the moment. How simple yet intricate a scene out a window or a sunset can be. Noted. Need to look out for them more, it really can make you sing. Not like Disney song sing, well maybe that, but more you soul just agrees with the expression that is going on around you through your vision.

The bushfires down in Victoria have been unfathomable. Up to 300 lost, Aussies who saw and died in the horror of a fire storm. Australia really does band together and support each other when this kind of thing happens. We as a country just dont see these things at all and so just reach out and do anything we can, so we dont feel helpless and stare blankly at our TV screens while the media swamp us with images of burnt out houses and koalas being given water from a water bottle. We dont really know hey. But we will do what we can.