So, unsure if I have ever really talked about the artist known as Robyn before, but I shall now.

I cant sum up why I like her so much. She is a bit rough I guess, not pure pop and she is also not massive in Australia, so the anti popular thing in me makes her more attractive. Though worried that if she gets more popular, whether her talent will overcome the desire to not like her anymore. She has some beautiful songs and some trashy fun songs. She is raw and sings with that sense of “I dont care”. I can lay on my bed and listen to the ferocity in her voice and also dance up a storm by myself in my undies to her.

Though its also the memories behind it. When it comes to music, its what you think about when you hear the music no? I think of simple life a few years ago from Robyn’s old album. With Neal and pumping it up in the car driving across freeways on a road trip. Trying to catch an egg in a frying pan and it going everywhere cooking, while she played in the background in the lounge room. Paused smiles and dance chords in London.

Robyn – Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.


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