Knock back is a knock forward.. yeah?

You know, after a few bad dating experiences of late, have realised that a a knock back can really be a step forward. A friend only told me today that when he was seeing a guy who was not that fussed about dating my friend, realised that why convince someone that you are date worthy? Shouldnt it just come naturally? Sure it is different in other circumstances but usually, it should be someone who desires you. So it can actually be a positive lesson. But then it all becomes a bit preachy maybe and so should just stop there. Scooby Doo wouldnt go on about it, simply say his catch phrase and life rocks. And maybe just catch a fake ghost every weekend, were there ever any REAL ghosts on that show? Ripped off…

Why do we get given photo frames for presents? We only have so much shelf space. And the ones we do have in frames are so old and any new photos stay on our hard drive or tagged on facebook.

Monday meant the photoshoot for the new model. Also meant we were standing on a beach in the north of Sydney city and my boss thought the model needed more tan. So left it up to me to deal with. Thoughts ran through my head of how do I apply fake tan to a new model, with no applicator, and no towels or gloves and also no spare garments to avoid fake tan getting on actual gaments we were shooting. SO I asked him to pull his swimwear slightly tighter and I had to simply apply fake tan to my hands and rub it in. Awkward. Mainly cause I had two video camera filming me (thanks guys) and Sean sitting in his car, grinning at how amusing this was. The poor fella, thankfully found the whole thing amusing, as its not everyday some random guy rubs you up in fake tan. So in the end, not too bad the experience. We also had chicken rolls.

Still kinda hoping Tigh contacts me. It just feels odd to have it all so.. left like this. Just concerned for him..

I always wondered as a kid why you were told not to touch the sides of a tent in the morning. Was the dew going to burn through and make holes…? I just didnt want a goanna getting in, so was totally cool with not touching the sides. A goanna is a large lizard in Australia and one really freaked me out once cause it was walking towards me really slowly when I was about 9. I threw a stick at it to just amuse myself, and this did not deter it but simply made it bolt towards me. I turned and ran, straight into a tree branch, while it kept running towards me, straight past me and into my tent. The purpose of this, was… what Lizard? What? I ask this to this day.

Pretty sure this is the goanna that chased me. Google images found it, still alive I see.


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