Ben the Dog

My mum told me the other week that since she was moving in with her new partner, she couldnt keep her dog anymore. This was the puppy golden retriever that she bought three months ago. She argued that it breaks her heart to have to get rid of him, but there was no yard in her partner’s place and she had to move in with her cause life is too short. I see her point but.. it just simply isnt justified to do, when a puppy is just not for that reason, a three month window. So Ben is off to a farm down the south coast to live with three other golden retrievers. If I had my own yard, I would have taken him. Was nice meeting you Ben.

So why do people have such cool or qwerky facebook profile pictures.. like kissing a washing machine poweder box man or reflection of a reflection of yourself? Hm I have had the same one for like 6 months.

Nah I am going back to the Mum thing. I think I worked out why I find it so upsetting. Ben is like a representation of us kids in the past. Though I expressed this to her and she didnt get it and so that was the end of that chat.

Went out to Polly’s last night. It is an old school disco thing and had some of my closest friends there. So much fun, to just be with friends and have a dance and not care at all.

I was walking in the gym the other day and just done a leg workout. The workout plan told me to go on the step machine next, and it was upstairs to the mezzanine level that looked out over the rest of the gym. I went up the first few stairs and my legs casually gave out on me, and i fell onto the metal stairs with a bang. So naturally I did the casual get up and pretended it never happened. iPod in and just casually walked to the stair climber. I was a little hesitant, because this is the machine I had only ever seen housewives use, and I didnt have the tights they wear. The other hesitation was that simple fact that I struggled going up real stairs, let along a fake, never-ending staircase as such. I got on, started going and then just felt ridiculous, that on top of the fact my knees buckled again and hit my chin on the controls. Casually I got off and walked down the stairs and out of the gym.


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