So a new procedure at work, which is extremely useful for everyone, is to have multiple fittings and having a body model stand in the current stage of a garment (a pair of undies for example) and the pattern maker and the designer look at it and see where it is good and bad, and also ask the body model how they feel etc. I volunteered to be the body model when they need me, cause I think this is crucial. The old system was someone trying on the garment then relaying to the pattern maker what needs to change.

So the other day, was doing a fitting for them. It is a pretty crucial product as it will be a core product that a lot of people will buy. So we need to get it right. Though when the next time came around for a fitting, I wasnt asked, but said they were going to get a few of the other guys to try it on. And without directly saying it, which they sort of did.. was that they need someone to fill out the front a bit more. Ouch? Now, I have never had an issue with size until that moment. I dont anymore once again, but for that hour of my life I thought… wow, it mattered.

But then the next day I was back fitting again. Makes total sense..

Week three of my fitness program. 9 more to go… and I am not losing motivation. When does this begin to happen.. week 4? Lets see how I go hey.

Off to Melbourne this weekend. Decided it was time for another getaway. Time to just stroll around and take photos of stuff and have some chill out time. Sean will be back next week and it will be ALL SYSTEMS GO!! So may need a tad bit of a breather before that happens. Will be good to see some of my friends down there, though even though it is the first day of Spring today (slight woohoo, just slight) I hear Melbourne wont be reflecting this woohoo with me, but its meant to be pouring and cold. Though Melbourne doesnt need to be sunny to appreciate I think. It is more about what is happening that the sun, though it is the other way around in Sydney.

Off to an AFL match on Sunday. Sydney!!!


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