Music Sunday – “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

Yes.. another Peter Gabriel video. And I only JUST discovered this song cause of Glee, so that is admitting another guilty pleasure. Or shall I just say it happened to be on when I flicked channels?
Looks like it was from some film in the 80’s, that involved a lot of big overcoats and portable sound systems. Just a fun and simple song for a Sunday, as we begin to feel the colder mornings.

Music Sunday – “Book of Love” by Peter Gabriel and the New Blood Orchestra

A quiet sunny Sunday today. Why not listen to one of my favourite songs of all time, with Peter Gabriel’s live version simply beautiful.
It’s the type of song that could be played at a a wedding or a funeral. The type of song that could be played alone on a piano with no one else in the room. Or like in this version, to thousands of people.
I like to play it on the piano alone.