Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter One

I get a big grin from people when i say that here. Dont know why..
First of all, I am having lots of fun, australia is so far away and so
its surreal to think Im here and this is my life at the moment.
Where will I start..
The airport. The family and heather came with me to the airport.It was
all rather anticlimactic when i said goodbye cause it was surreal i
would possibly be gone for so long.. and then i got in the queue to
board the plan to perth but they were still standing there.. not like
the whole go through the doors and gone.
Walking down the ramp to the plane.. whoah. “im by myself”
The plane to perth was uneventful, though i did sit next to a band
called “the used” who are american doin a tour in oz with mtv. the mtv
producers were there too and they drank about 4 fosters each. thats
all my story is with them.
Landed in perth and after a bit of trouble finding the bus that takes
me to internatonal.. i sat on the bus for 30 mins talking to louise on
the phone while the driver finally came and drove me to international.
driving through a desert in the process.
Hung around the airport for 5 hours and then went through customs. I
was so lucky.. they were checking everyones bags making sure they were
no more than 7 kilos.. but somehow i got past.. others had to take
out stuff and leave it at the airport.
So i boared after what seemed forever. And got an aisle seat.
thankyou. Talked to these aussie girls who were 12 and 16.. so they
were full of intellectual conversation in between watching charlie and
the chocolate factory and reading dolly magazine.
5 hours later we got to singapore. hell of a wait for 2 hours there
then got back on. the girls had left so i had seats next to me but a
silent man sat next to the window. he didnt get up once on our.. 14
hour trip! once!! ok maybe its just me but thats weird. bladders dont
last that long.
OK well london. we landed. about flippin time!!
Customs man. he was the first guy i had spoken to in 16 hours. And he
was so not talkative. He asked me where i came from. i said sydney. he
stamped something and gave me my passport. and i assumed that meant..
go now. so i did.
got my luggage then walked out into heathrow. My mate oscar was meant
to meet me but he was late
so met him on the heathrow express.. which takes u to london in 15 mins.
Was cool to meet him and we got the tube to his house. .in Farringdon.
Nice place, but surreal walking the streets seeing red buses..black
taxis.. red telephone booths, small streets, small cars. red post
boxes (they like red i gather, makes things less depressing)
His flat was pretty cool, right above a paint shop. like that matters.
I had a shower, didnt feel as seedy and then we went off to the city.
Went to oxford street to look at new mobile phone but didnt understand
the concepts of the prepaid stuff here so just got confused, and there
was about 10 retail assistants wanting to ask me if i wanted “any
phone in particular”. i got confused especially cause i cant
understand some of their accents. Oscar found it amusing and we just
Went to the british museum for all of ten minutes cause i decided i
will leave that for another day. But we got lost in there so was there
for 30 mins instead until a nice man gave us a lend of his map and we
worked out how to get out. its so so huge! someone said it would take
1000 years to look at every artifact.

I was tired by that stage so we went home and i slept for 3 hours.
then woke up, went to the shops and got pasta and cidar then watched
jurassic park on tv.. then went to bed.
Next day was full of touring.. thames.. then up to big ben and
westiminster, i use the word surreal again, cause it was. Other side
of the world.. famous pictures now before my eyes, no frame in front me,

but it moved. well the buildings didnt, otherwise.. yeah not good.

Had lunch up from trafalga square then went home. I could go into
detail, what i had for lunch, but its not that interesting. ok.. i had
Day 3 oscar went to work so I went out by myself for the first time.
Went to oxford street for a bit, got confused with mobile phones again
plus the scary retail people bombarded me. I met up a friend matt, who
works in film. He showed me his post production houses and i met the
receptionist. He set up work experience with me too. So I am going in
in a few weeks.
Then i braved it and went back and bought a phone. I wanted to get in
touch with home so thought it was worth it. Walked into one of their
huge virgin stores (the sort that they now have in australia) and got
a phone with them.
I then went to pubs around soho with matt and i discovered i really like cidar.
Then it poured with rain and i walked 15 mins to home in the rain.
But it was so cool, hadnt experience rain like that for ages.
But half of the days i been here the weather has been beautiful. sunny
and warm. but yeah not as hot as over there.
so day 4.. i met up with iain, my future boss. Talked about what he
would like me to do to assist him, and it all sounds very promising. I
will be being his assistant, and doing reseatch projects on london
film industry etc.
That evening i went to oscar..’s friends house in north london. They
live in a big block of flats that looks like something off the bill.
but it was nice inside, they were a pair of french girls, who didnt
understand my australian accent half the time. but they were lovely.
They are studying chinese. Go figure.
We had supermarket pizza and.. yes.. cidar.
Caught a red bus home, was exciting. then crashed.
Day 5.. I came down sick with a head cold so stayed in and rested. But
in the evening I met up with another friend (yes Lloyd has lots of
friends) who worked on lord of the rings, and he wants to set me up
with work experience too. We went to wagamamas.. its Japanese and
there is one in oxford street in sydney. pretty much the same but they
served in a uk accent.
Day 6 I stayed at home then caught the train to warwick.. in the
afternoon. Was such a great train trip. I think one of the best ever.
The sun was setting and we travelled across green fields and little
villages, the sun hit it and it all glowed. was so cool. another..
surreal.. moment. wow. plus there was sheep.
So now i am in sleepy warwick, on a computer in a university cause my
friend scott goes here,who i am visitng. he stayed with me in
australia for a month. was good to see him again.
So very random being in a uni computer lab in the midlands of england.
We are going out tonight with his friends for his birthday. I went to
a pub called Lloyd..’s last night. I didnt get a discount though. damn.
Ok this woman who is supervising us uni students. yes me, we are in
the medicine computer labs, so im a medicine student for the day, im
fooling them all. anyways yeah she has asked us all to go, i think she
has seen through my mask.
well good timing. thats me for my first week in britain.
Thanks for reading and i hope u hold onto your seats for next weeks
episode. Chapter two. Lloyd in wales.



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