Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 4

m sitting waiting for Jamie to finish his work cause we are gonna catch the tube back together. I just finished my third week at discovery. Another very full week.
Last Saturday me and matt looked at a flat in Elephant and Castle. Was a really nice and cool place, but we were going to have to share a room, he looked at me, i looked at him. Both knew it wasnt going to happen.

(This is Steven and Becki)
We then went and met up with steven and becki in Camden Town. So fantastic there! Camden markets. shops everywhere, alleyways everywhere full of little stalls of either clothes or other things. and fairly cheap too!! was really good! I bought two big coats, one that smelt like a llama, cause the outside is made out of wool, llama wool at that. And i was walking through a stall and these two women asked me to try on clothes for them cause I was the same size as one of the girls boyfriends. The men at the stall were impressed and so i got a cheap coat off them for even cheaper. They said I should go into modelling. I flashed my smile and kept walking.
Last weekend the weather was so cold. Even colder than a sydney winter!!
Saturday night we ate in and watched little britain. Entertaining! That reminds me, for all you little britain fans, the new series just started over here. Just as good I think.
Sunday we helped steven move all this stuff into his new flat. I was jealous cause I want a flat and a room, and a chest of drawers! Never take them for granted. Really.
We let Steven settle in and so me and Becki, she is from New York. A hippy chick, me and her went to find a pub to have a traditional beer, on a cold depressing day. The first pub, had a big sign saying OPEN so we pushed to go in, but the door didnt open, so we went around to the other door, and the same thing happened. I looked inside and there were people scattered around, drinking etc. We were very confused. So continued on, but found a little pub called “the beaten path”. Old men having a yarn, old women sculling beers together.
We all then went out for dinner, after watching the children version of eurovision. the european countries, having children perform pop songs, more painful and amusing than eurovision. WAS FANTASTIC!
We went to a columbian restaurant in a real 80’s style mall. IT was very creepy. And I had to take my hood off when I went into the mall, the sign told me to. So i didnt look I was mugging anyone. The restaurant was fun!
Then back to work on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and now its friday. Didnt really do anything in those days except eat, sleep and be merry.
Going to more markets and the Tate Modern art galley tomorrow at london bridge, should be cool.
and thats me for another week. Please tell me if I should stop these. Boredom can kick in I know.


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