Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 10 AND 11 (REDUX)

I learnt some Polish today, but have already forgot it.
One of of my friends here Eliza, she taught me to say hello how are
you? but yep, its gone. I pretend I’m really naive about europe and act
like Poland is part of russia all the time. She isnt impressed, but
the French woman here is more offended when I act like I wasnt aware
France had culture. Its fun playing an innocent Aussie. But its ok,
they both know I’m just being stupid. I dont want to make us
Australians look bad.
Its Thursday afternoon and I’m about to leave to office, go buy a small
suitcase and pack some stuff and head off to Heathrow.

I’m going to Ireland for the weekend. Get Friday and Monday off too, so a loooong weekend for me. I’m going to a wedding. Yeah I know its random! An Irish wedding. My mate’s cousins wedding, he was going up there so I am tagging along, and see Ireland.

Ok what has happened since I last wrote lots of ramble..
Oh yeah, the trouble with flats again… well last time i said I went
to this great flat and they had me for dinner and everything, and so I
got all my references and was moving in last weekend. BUT the landlord
wasnt informed and made a big fuss about how she didnt want another
person. So there was all this miscommunication. And I was pretty
devastated, cause I all had wanted was to just find a place I could
call mine and not live out of a suitcase finally. I spent the weekend
pretty anxious, until they had another meeting with the landlord and
they all agreed, until something was sorted, I could stay there. So I
had somewhere to stay for once. So right now im half unpacked in a
single room on the 3rd floor of this Victorian house in Brixton. I
will hear more news when i get back from Ireland on the weekend.
I have managed to arrange to work 3 days a week at Discovery Channel
and 2 days a week with Iain, at Dendy films. So that has worked out
nicely. So hopefully can work out along the track, a transition between the two.
I really cant think of that much news this week, just mainly the drama
of the flat. Which has made me quite flat. ha ha ha. Nah I am all good,
the people at the flat said I can stay there till I find another
place, if I cant stay there permanantly.
I really am tired. I might finish the rest off on Monday, that way I
can talk about Ireland.

Ha ha well its 2 weeks later and I have been so busy with stuff I
havent written more. Ireland was fantastic. I could go into detail but
it would be too boring and long to read. The highlights were the
wedding and dancing till 3am, the waltz, set dancing, Irish dancing
and then I taught people australian bush dancing. They loved it.
I had a great Irish guiness, really really nice soda bread, and they
are more obsessed with cups of tea than britain!
The countryside was beautiful. I stayed on a farm and there were
houses there so old and run down. And everything was so green! But I
didnt understand any of their accents. The speeches at the
wedding, everyone was laughing, except me. I just smiled. They could
have been talking Polish, and I would have understood more!!
And all Steven’s relatives have invited me back, even if I come by
myself. So that’s a bonus. Kerry was great. Thats the area I was in.


So what have I done since then.. umm worked. I started with Dendy
yesterday. Its really cool. An Aussie film director called me up this
morning, I thought it would have been a friend or something. But no.
And he wanted to arrange a meeting with my boss. He didnt even know I
was Australian! But was cool, this job will give me a lot of contacts.
His film is playing at the Berlin film festival.

My flatmates seem to think I can stay. The landlord hasnt said anything and so
I am just going to privately rent off the tenants. They are all great
people. Dee, Olly, Emma and Rachel. Im sure you will hear about them
in my posts.

Well I need to sleep, and its a bit of a random update but it should
do the job all the same.


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