Lloyd’s Adventures in London 2005 Chapter 16

Well Its that time of year again. The 22nd of April. Where we think..
its almost may, what happened to christmas and Easter? And why do we
not have any more chocolate?

Its a great spring day outside, why am I not outside, well I will be
soon. Its 20 degrees!! I got a t shirt and cotton trousers on. You
dont know how good that is!! I walked through the park in bare feet
and there were people with picnics.. I had the rubbish bags, so the
two worked well together to make a good spring scene!
Dee (My flatmate) and I spent all yesterday afternoon lying on the
grass in the park with grapes and cheese and pita bread and hommous..
however u spell it, it was so rad.
Ok what have been the highlights in the last three weeks?
My canadian friend Cherisse came to London and she stayed with me and
helped show her London a bit, but she did quite well on her own too,
impressive! We had fun, and it was bad cause we always ended up at
McDonalds everynight cause it was cheap. But I guess I havent really
been there since I got here, so its all ok. She loves the parks just
as much as I do.
I went and saw Footloose with my buddy Kris, it was so cool, me and
Kris get along well and was glad he didnt get up and clap with the
other people and dance to the songs.. otherwise I would have been a
I went clubbing last weekend, I had such a great time, but realised I
was a bit weird when I dance with the cleaner’s broom for a while.
Guess it made a good dancing partner. Wait, should I really be
informing everyone I did that?
Easter long weekend was great, the city just keeps coming alive. Im
glad I came to London when I did, cause I saw it falling into winter
slumber… and then now I can see the opposite. Its fantastic. They go
crazy with easter eggs too, creme egg everything!!! They even had a
debate whether Cadbury could make a creme egg the size of a football.
But Cadbury sent out a statement saying, sorry, we cannot.
I had my last week of work last week. Was sad to leave my first proper
big boy job. They made pipecleaner people for me and made me take them
home. I was rather distraught due to my huge dislike and semi-fear of
pipecleaners. They saw the funny side, Such chaps they are!
So now.. Im packing on Sunday night, ready to meet my Dad and sister
Louise early tomorrow morning. Will be so good to see them, we have
the next few days in London, then off to Italy for a week, then
another few days in London. I will write out our journeys as the time
comes. But Im so pumped. I am yet to decide what job I will take after
Dad and Lou go home, whether I will go to Nottingham or stay in
London, but I still have time to decide.
Oh and they have these cool shaped bottles of coke here. In the shape
of soccer balls, for the World cup. Pretty dandy if you ask me!


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