Tis the Season

Mardi Gra season that is. I am not going to march this year, but just watch and hope I dont get TOO pissed off with the crowds. I expect that my space is the most important to me, so assume everyone else thinks so too. Nah. Chem, Karina, Tigh and I are gonna go watch parade then somehow find a place to drink and dance. No After Party for me either, am I just way too much of an old man?

Tigh lands here in the morning. Kind of surreal really, to finally meet an online friend. We go on the tourist thing next week and see cool stuff most tourists dont see, which I pride myself in. Will give an update when it happens.

I have one more week in my job. They are trying to find a replacement. None yet, but have had 280 applications! Impressive! I wonder if they had that many when I got this job… Or they had two to choose from and because I have a double L in my name I scored the job. Probably.

I lost my phone on Wednesday. Gutted was I, not very interesting story really, but it means I now have scored a Blackberry. Tad concerned, tad excited about it. Concerned cause it is nicknamed the Crackberry, and excited cause I need a new addiction.

I was in the newspaper yesterday, about the photo exhibition my friend Iain has going at the moment, with the portrait of Neal, Heather, Chem, Karina, Louise and I. Article is about me and being gay in the shire. Surreal to see myself in it. It is such an honour to be in the exhibition and help others see that its ok to be gay, and also beginning to reconcile so much hurt in the church, because of the all rejection and misunderstanding. I see it as a massive opportunity to just be myself and say, hey its all good, its ok.

Wow this post is all about I, I and I. Oh wait its a blog, its meant to be. Supposedly the new generation is being forced into narcisism. Doesnt surprise me.

Hey a puppy! My boss looks after puppies from a shelter until they find a home. Sweet deal really when the cute puppy runs around near me all day.


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