Turning point

So I am sitting here. And I hear my sister and her bf watching a chick flick in the next room. Its dark outside, as its our first day without day light saving and the laptop fan quietly hums.

About a month ago, I had 12 hours to make a decision. Leave behind film and TV aspirations for now and jump into a world I know nothing about and take a chance. So I took it.

Tomorow I start work in fashion. Running around, feeling like the chick from Devil Wears Prada, the walking irony. And where on earth will it take me? Who knows, but hey, life is about living it like a movie, no matter how bloody cliche that is. I will be pushed, thrown into the deep end and I always swim. Too stubborn to sink, as Neal says.

So the adventure continues before me, as it does for everyone else.


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