Friday is the new Thursday…

This image was in a park in London. I was alone and waiting for a friend and this sign was… how do you say… really surreal but not surprising?

Still waking up this morning, its meant to be about 35 degrees today but left the air conditioning on all night and I am frozen. If we arent whinging its too hot, its too cold.

My mate Chem, Jane and I were hunting for a piercing parlour on Sunday cause they both wanted to be spontaneous and get a piercing. They were also slightly intoxicated so it could have had something to do with it, so we were walking around the city and discovering that piercing people still respect the sabbath it seems and every single one was closed. Jane hadnt gotten the courage to get one for a while. The last time she did, she walked into the store, and a dwarf walked up to her to ask her how he could help. She froze and backed back out of the store. So since we couldnt find one, we ate mexican food and then danced in a pub, telling each other what they had to dance like. My dances were, a broken photocopier and the global financial crisis. Nailed it.

Work this week was tough, challenging and really pushing me. With the combination of adjusting back here and feeling pretty uncertain about the future and where I want to go, it was just one of those weeks where I will look back and go, yeah I like that week now, but at the time, who is up for a scooby doo marathon??

I find I dont often enough talk about music here. When music really helps people keep walking, thinking, dreaming. Florence + the Machine and her song “Swimming” keeps running through my head and makes me smile.

Cockroaches have eaten half a painting I painted, which is a bit sad because of the meaning behind the painting originally, but a friend of mine pointed out, if you dont hate the cockroaches and actually put little name tags on them, they have become art critics. So… what you saying about my art? Reconstructing the interpretation? That sounded like an art term.

I am never going to need this fireplace in my room and it takes up a perfectly good wall where my piano could go.


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