City of Angels..

Last Friday I received a text from my boss asking me to get quotes for Sydney to LA return. A few texts later, found out me and some work mates were off to LA for a photo shoot 6 days later. Now its the night before we fly off to this City of Angels, Kiah said there were angel sightings there 300 years ago, thats why its called that.

Tired, hasnt sunk in and just been non stop. But bring it on! We get to explore LA for the first few days and then the final day is the actual shoot. So much creativity buzzing, it feels great! Havent been to LA since 1989. I dont really remember it, but I do remember Disneyland and posing with Dale from Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, the idiot in the costume leaned on my head too much and it hurt. Its odd, the memories you keep from a theme park 21 years ago. Including the random coca cola tracksuit i used to always wear… made an appearance at Disneyland. See below. Ignore streamer.
Since the other owner of the company is away as well, I have been helping with the fittings. Kind of odd but at same time not that fussed, standing in the work gym, in a jockstrap, talking about whether the pouch of my crotch is comfortable and what was bunching up etc, for the production person Claudia. Things you do for your job.
Had a housewarm
ing on the weekend. Loved it. Special people in my home to chat and share my new space with, along with my fantastic flatmates. Though dancing on wet wooden floor in ugg boots isnt really the best hey.. wake up the next morning with bruises from slip ups.. And also laughter from others, which is always kinda fun. Making others laugh is fun. Better than making them cry I say.
Eyelids are heavy, heart is like a heart monitor and mind is ready to rest. Goodnight and soar off tomorrow.

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