The DC and the Virginia.

So I am sitting in the LAX airport and my trip has come to an end. Who am I kidding when I say I plan to blog everyday when on holidays? I do that everytime, I believe this is 4th one in three weeks?? Pff I shame myself. 😉

The last leg of my trip was simply brilliant. I got to see one of my best buds Phil who I knew in Sydney and his partner Preston who I felt I have known for ages but never met. I got to witness a really quality relationship and gave me hope for the future. I saw where Phil had moved to and made a home, in Richmond, Virginia. A quaint city with beautiful architecture and rich in history as it was one of the first places USA began. Well THE place. From the site of the first thanksgiving and the first president this and the first president that, and lots of plaques and speeches. Another whole slice of the American life and experience.

I got to drive and spend time with Preston and get to know the fella Phil left his life in Australia for, and it was a highlight of the trip. A quality man, who is switched on and has sort out peace and answers to the christian world that has so easily shut us down sometimes. I respect him and that research he has done. Made me smile and also choke up. So thanks Preston, I know Phil is in good hands.

Pizza, margaritas and a bed on the floor, along with lots of laughs. Us 3 all then went to DC to explore for the weekend. And Washington DC sure is impressive. Grand and almost royal like, I can understand more of why the USA is what it is. The Mall was beautiful and sure did place pride in national’s hearts. OK enough of all this talk, I feel like am being subcontracted to write in another blog.

Went dancing, and I must highlight how much they overpour alcohol here. Before you know it, two drinks later you are finding the drag queen attractive. And Drag Queens are bloody scary!!

There is so much I could type and say but really, those memories are for me and wont be too interesting for anyone else. But I would suggest to visit DC, even for a day. You even get to see C3PO in the American History Museum. Woo.

I get on my plane to Sydney in an hour. and I am so thankful for this trip and the adventure that it was. I feel like it was much longer than it was as it had plenty of chapters and I saw so much. But now I look forward to getting back to Summer and the challenges ahead at work and life in general. I have a gut feeling there is a lot to look forward to, no, I KNOW there is a lot.

And dont get into a fight with a Korean woman about overhead luggage when she has a spikey bracelet.



  1. Indeed, our nation's capital is an amazing experience to visit. You will need more than one trip there to see it all! Interestingly, one of the committed relationships I most admire is a gay couple in Minneapolis. They have this quiet dignity and acceptance of each other that is rarely seen. I've often thought that I just need to meet a straight guy like Tom or Jay!

  2. I really love your blog! I wish I knew you when you made a trip to Richmond cause I would have given you the grand tour of my hometown. Glad you liked it though. Gotta love that southern hospitality. lol

  3. Cool blog.. I just moved to Sydney so I know what you mean about how you understand the people and country more once you've seen it..Do you go to San Fran? Lucas films is there, if you love CP3O you'd have gone wild at the Lucas Films studios..

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