Found a home..

Yes, a home for me is now on the cards for sure. Signed the lease on Friday. My first flat by myself. Will be good, I can do puzzles all night and noone else will care. Except me. I hate puzzles.

I move in 2 weeks, so 2 more weeks of couch sleeping, which will fly by!

There is this rocking Old school Milk Bar not too far from my new home, that I am totally going to go to often. Or will I? Have you ever started exploring a new area where you will live and you plan to do this and this, but then never do. It all seems like it will be all Soap Opera style, where you meet your friends at the cafe and chat and stuff. Nah. You will walk past it everyday and see Sue behind the counter and she will be making a milkshake for a school girl and her clingy boyfriend. And thats it. But yesterday some friends and I sat at the Milkbar in a moment and had a Calippo in celebration.

Yesterday we were walking along and came across this Tram driver in despair. Wonder what was wrong….

I have been told a few times now by someone that I struggle to make conversation. Meaning that sometimes when someone is speaking with me, I listen a lot and then do not provide any input into the conversation or provide my opinion. Nor do I instigate any conversation of my own. This made me worry a lot, as I never thought I had any issues with social interactions. And so I got quite defensive and arguementative, cause I guess you like to feel you are the qualified one. When really, why do I feel I would be the king of social interaction and behaviour? I may have just gotten lazy. I feel when I am comfortable in someone’s company, I feel no pressure to always be talking. So it really took me off guard, and since this person is someone I really am quite interested in, I didnt know what to say. And that just made it more awkward. So we changed topic. Has challenged me a lot, appreciate being pushed. Do not want to be the bore but also the one to challenge them also.

PS. Melbourne looks nice too.


  1. You're not the least bit boring and I find you very easy to chat with! It's kind of refreshing that you don't just prattle on to fill the quiet, you're thoughtful and you listen well. Glad you found a place to live!

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