That cafe (its like cake but not)

I have been told I need to wink when I am joking, as my sarcasm/humour (are those two words intertwined?) is sometimes undetectable. So when I say I love chocolate milkshake baths, I must wink. Or if I love the feeling of my hand being slammed in a vice. Wink. Is this a social problem needing to be fixed. Nah, its acceptable.

Have you ever noticed that the sound of a washing machine can be so loud yet you become so used to it, you do not even notice the loud beeping it does at the end to inform you it is finished. Nah neither have I. I usually just discover it the next day and realise I never got it out of the washer and not it smells of wet washing that has been sitting in the tub for a day, and its an Australian summer. Yeah, my favourite smell, yours too?


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