Something I value about jobs is finding the really cool aspects and then sit outside of yourself and smile. Painting a base of a wall in one of the galleries for King Tut and having a 3500 year old golden coffin sitting there near me. Noone else is inside the galleries and it is late at night. My music playing from another of the rooms, educating the artifacts on music from 2011. Something about it, was just simply, simple.

I had a dinner party last night. Vegetarian style, and I so reminded myself of my mother. I do not know how that happened, but just how she loved to cook and host, I like doing the same. Though not the same kinds of food, my own twist. I like cooking but do not like those cooking shows and reality comps like Masterchef. It makes it so common and addictive and generic. Just like when you fight with window blinds and you pull the rope cord and the stupid thing does not catch or it lopsides and not straight across. And you end up communicating way too heavily with strips of metal and rope as to why it is not cooperating with your desire for less or more light.

Had my mate Dave here the past few days and he inspired me to go back to the ACMI (Some letters representing the museum of the moving image I think) and so I took another friend Bernard and his sister there. There is this pretty cool (yes Dave, pretty cool) wheel that moves around and around and then the lights start flashing and it comes to life. This is kind of stupid to explain in writing as I bet you have no idea what I am saying.. youtubing now… There, just watch.

And so, was showing them and then they walked out half way. Rude. Only to discover his sister is epileptic. Oh. So just check beforehand next time. Epileptic warnings are there for a reason.

Off to Sydney in a few days. My thoughts currently are mainly drained at trying to organise to hang with people. It is not an easy task. Funny how visits to see friends/family is not a holiday. Though hey, if my chicken Denise was still alive, I would be guaranteed to be chilled. Maybe I will find her grave. Just as much talking would go on, pre or post her death. RIP once again Denise.

I found this photo on my camera, taken the day I was about to move to Melbourne. I put it as my facebook profile. Because I was not smiling people told me it was a bad photo. Does a photo of a face have to be smiling to be a good one? I just liked the rawness, but trying not to be up myself with it. We attempt this all the time and fail yeah?



  1. bah so many comments! were you painting over this alleged 'doodle' in the galleries and do you have a picture of it!? also i think you need to pull the cord on your blinds slower and not yell at them, all they have ever done is try to give you light and shade. ACMI is Aus Centre for the Moving Image. So really it could be ACFTMI but that isnt as artiulate! i love blogs, it's like you finally realise that everyone else's thoughts are as random and sometimes disjointed as your own…thats a good thing by the way!!

  2. Cooking show makes everything seem so easy and natural. The other day I was trying to make some poached eggs thinking that I would have a great breakfast from it but ended up breaking the yolk in the pot. The apple cider vinegar made the water so blurry and the floating eggwhite also blocked my sight. I was literally searching for my eggs because i had no idea where they were. That never happened in the video!!! Enough frustrations…

  3. Ha ha no it was not over the alleged doodle… I never saw that! And yes blogs really are great 🙂 And wow, never tried poached eggs, you are brave!!

  4. I used to be scared of poaching eggs, but its so easy. Just get a pot or deep fry pan, fill with boiling water, get it to simmering point and just break the egg into the water. Make sure its on an even surface and the egg should just sit in the one spot. Don't add any vinegar or oil, nothing is needed. You can use a spoon to guide the runaway white egg bits back towards the centre of the yolk gently and leave it be until it is cooked. If it is too hot the bubbles will cause the white to break up so leave it at or below simmering!

  5. you sure i dont need vinegar or anything? It says it helps coagualte the eggwhite, but seriously i dont see it has any benefit. only to mess up my whole pot. Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely try again sometime.I am thinking of some italian garlic bread with it and roast asparagus and slices of bacon for breakfast. Drool… :-p

  6. It's funny when they get all dramatic on those cooking shows lol. And I don't understand how they can serve such small amounts of food on a plate and call it a decent meal!

  7. But you ARE smiling…? You're smiling with your mouth and eyes. Looks like that to me anyway. The Zooescope thingy is awesome by the way. I like the way you talk in your blog – it's not the same as reading a thrilling novel or even an unthrilling one (Such as the Tales of John Smith and how he sat in his fine wooden chair). I can imagine there's a real human on the other end of this here inn'r'net actually typing up cyber letters heemself. Over the coming day I'll no doubt back track through the last 5 years of your blog and leave other comments. If i had facebook it would be the equivalent of stalking through your posts…I'll admit i do it. Keep up the good times there Mr mr. Nice to see a real live Melbourne Reporter on Life. Cheerioo – Teevo

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