“I just got your postcard”


“I just got your postcard”

“Where did you go?”

“I just got your postcard”

“You went where?”

The skype call distorted, showed half a camping lantern, and half my mum’s ear. I decided I would at least amuse myself by continuing to repeat myself.

“I just got your postcard”

“I dont think it is a very good signal”

“No, I dont think so either. I just got your postcard”.

The sound of Skype hanging up occurred, and it went back to just the ticking of the clock. A pop up message on the video program filteree through my dimly lit apartment.

Mum: R u there?

Lloyd: Yes

Mum: We… (user is typing)…. {wait 30 seconds}… We r not having a good signal.

Lloyd: Yes Mum, we are not. Another time?

Mum is offline.

Hey, it is the thought that counts. She continues to drive around Australia, currently south of Broome. Might see her in December.

On Wednesday I did the random thing of going to a local bar’s annual Drag Queen awards. Was a mate’s 30th and he thought it would be fun to do. I didnt have to work the next day and my friend Renata from work wanted to come too. One of those nights where nothing was expected (you may see a pattern forming) and we have a lot of funny memories from the evening. One being the fact Renata (female, just to specify) was asked to enter the contest, so she did. She was an absolute champion. Some of the other contestants were not sure if she was female or male, and were quite pushy for her to prove it. I had to apologise to her later for bringing her somewhere that involved her having to prove she was a woman. She laughed. And my other favourite memory was when I walked past a drag queen, and my tie (yes, I was wearing a tie) got hooked on her sequin dress. I just had to look up how to spell sequin. An awkward situation occurred. My tie was hidden underneath a plastic wig and the dress smelt like my neighbour’s Rock Eisteddfod outfit from the early 90’s. Side step, Rock Eisteddfods were and still are for schools all around Australia to perform in musical style performances (I guess a bit like Glee Club.. kinda??) and most had sequins in and bike pants. I just had to look up how to spell this as well, it is a Welsh word. BACK to the story, so I had no idea how my tie had become attached but the drag queen became a bit distressed as she did not know why I was tugging on her dress.

“Stop it!!”

Shouting over the noise of the pub, “Sorry! My tie seems to have become attached to your dress!”

“Stop it!! Now!!”

Fumbling, my hands became mixed up in masses of brown fake hair, and swirls of makeup smell slightly touched my senses though old beer quickly covered them up again. Others began to watch, wondering why I was slightly bent over this drag queen, like I was biting their back.

“Erm, sorry, tie.. wont.. unclasp or untangle! Hang on!!”

“What are you doing?? It isnt funny!”

“Trying.. to get unstuck.. ”

It did not help when others kept trying to push past in the crowded pub. I squinted my eyes and still the tie attached to the Dorothy shoe red sequins. I felt if I yanked it I would either screw up my tie or her dress. I didnt want to do the latter more so. I decided to do the smart thing of walking the way I came and bam, released.

She turned around straight away and looked might impressed (see how I use sarcasm?) and I just shrugged and kept walking. If they didnt hear me the first, second and third time, its just not gonna work.

My mate Damian and I sat in the cinema last week, we went to see a movie called “Hanna” which actually was not too bad. While we were waiting for the curtains to go up, and they actually do at this one, we heard two ladies talking nearby. The only comment that stood out was, “So my friend is doing chemo, but like, the one that does not make your hair fall out. Gosh she has lost so much weight, she looks so good!” Damian and I just looked at each other. I didnt know what to say.

Mandarins in a vase really look better than in the fridge. It is like they are now trying to make a statement, as they slightly sweat it out.

What is going on with this pen? They sell these at work. She just looks.. unsure. Perplexed?


  1. Skype is horrid! Im pretty sure it ruined my cruise ship interview which ended in the agency phoning me! A tactic I thought that would have been more efficient from the start! I think I now have Skype interview phobia *note to self must patent ridiculous phobia name for this. Which bar and which drag queen did you abuse haha I wore a sequin dress to theMarket's last night when I was working. Not only does EVERYTHING (inexplicably) get caught but it left me with cuts all up my inner arm! Anyway, one of (the many) gay bars I worked at does karaoke on Weds nights, We should get the tutters to do a night there! Haven't seen you in a while… hows the plant?? PS I dont even think we can sell that girl pen – it comes in Showbiz gift bags…

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