So, if you ever feel like going for a 14KM run, try it. You will be surprised how much further you can run if you have lots of people running with you. I ran the City2Sea with people from work, was so much fun! I could now go into some metaphorical tangent on how if you have lots of people with you on a journey the journey is easier. But will stop…. there.

Yellow, green, blue and red gumballs. What one would you be bummed at if it came out of the machine and which would you be happy about? Green is my happy gumball, yellow is my sad.

So my adventure with King Tut gets closer to the end. Really starting to get reflective of it (you cannot half tell, since I am writing about it in a blog) and I am so bloody thankful I took this role on. The people I have met, the experience I have had and to be looking after such a beautiful set of artifacts from a civilization so long ago has been simply an honour. And the dolphin mascott has been inspirational. The hunt continues for my next role.

One of my best buds Adam made an interesting observation yesterday. Compared me to the Tortoise in Tortoise and the Hare (I have never petted a Tortoise, maybe one day though). He said I am happy to run the race slow and just be patient with what comes my way. Still feel I should be more proactive! If I was to be any creature in a fable though, I would want to be the amusing penguin in that fable that I just made up in my head. Oh silly penguin, he is so funny… and you learn so much from him and his ways.

In my last blog I mentioned Cal. In a lot of ways I dont really even want to mention him in my blog too much, cause this story is one I want to keep close and just for me. But will just say, it is an adventure where I have a big grin on my face.

I was walking to work the other morning and walked under a giant fig tree. I will call it a fig tree cause it sounds better than a latin name. I dont wanna get all intellectual. That would make me sound smart and have good grammar and stuff like yeah? The path ran under this beautiful big tree and the early morning light along with the stillness of the still sleeping city made a shroud over me. Very peaceful, was almost expecting Mr Fox to appear, he didnt though. I then noticed a man, he was laying on one of the roots of the tree. His eyes were closed and he was mouthing words. He looked about 40 and dressed in casual clothes, not the kind a homeless fella would wear. He had just come to stop and be still and I couldnt have chosen a better place to do that. Well you would be fairly still in a straight jacket but yeah, another kind of still. I moved on, noone wants a random stranger walking by to stop and just watch you laying there. Well I dont.

I am also halfway through Movember today! Where you grow a Mo and donate to charity. Part of it was also running the race I mentioned. The trouble though with my Mo is it is long but so light compared to my head hair colour and looks pathetic. Example…

Though if anyone wants to support me, money is going towards Prostate Cancer and Beyond Blue, an organisation supporting Mental Health.

I am concerned my wallpaper on my phone is of a Jam label, but come on who doesnt like Jam. Jello for you Americans. And it is kinda healthy if you think about it. Mashed up fruit with sugar. We all need sugar and we all need jam. And especially rasberry jam. Cause you can imagine sailing across a sea of it and you could smell it in the air, fresh seabreeze than smelt of sugar and rasberries.

And one last thing, this was blaring across the tent where I was hanging out with Cal after the race on Sunday. Just made me happy, gotta like a band called Talking Heads.



  1. Just wanted to say congrats on the growing a mo for Movember, it is a great cause. It looks good, even though its lighter than your other facial hair.

  2. Clayton! Are you the mystery man who has donated?? Thanks very kindly for your words and also if you were the one who did support!

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