I am hanging cards from my venetian blinds. You ever realised that if you put your head against the outside of the window you can read some of people’s cards. Yeah neither!!

It has been funny, since finishing up with my job at Tutankhamaun, everyone is asking me if I am moving back to Sydney. No… No I am not.

Said goodbye to my friends at Tut in the last few days and it has been quite sad. It has not really sunk in that I will not go back there and expect the unexpected. From dumb questions about whether the artifacts are from Egypt, to crazy guests and random failures of equipment. Farewell Uncle Tut.

So saying goodbye means saying hello to the life of doing not much at all. Really hope this is not for a while because it lets me think WAY too much. From realising I daydreamed for 20 minutes about whether a forklift could lift a house, to choosing books to read that I then proceed not to read. But if you stack the books next to your bed, it looks like you are reading all of them at once, mixing up some deep abstract book with a light fiction book. So that if someone finds the pile, they will go, oh he is just so well read. But really.. I am now kinda concerned who this person is that I would not already know. Some creepy stranger who can see through the crack in the blind and wondering how intelligent I am? OR maybe some hip bug that is crawling up my wall and is totally inspired by my reading material. But at the end of the day, I have not read them. The hip bug will just THINK I am cool. But who cares what a bug things anyways… yeah?

I am in a cafe and there are three young kids, assuming they are brothers as there is one woman with them and she looks just a tad drained. They are wrapping themselves around the stainless steel legs of the table they are sitting at, and bashing each other. If I did that, I would be asked to leave. Mainly cause my imaginary friends were bashing me up too much and I would be playing dead on the cafe floor in front of some poor lady who has not finished her flat white. Er… I say that in a light way, not a psychotic way. So yeah… LOOK! Christmas lights!

Less than a week to Christmas. I like the lead up way more than the day itself. The day itself is always a bit too much of a “Hey I am here! Make the most of me as I am not here for another year!

Cal has now arrived in Melbourne for good. His arriving has reminded me about my own arrival here in Melbourne almost a year ago now. Any change such as moving cities really is quite a whirlwind in your head. You can start thinking about whether this was the right decision or not, when really only time will answer these questions. I have no regrets and love the decision and over the past few days have been reminded of this. Oh and I also had a lychee margarita and that was bloody nice.

Santa and Anubis want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I may have them as key rings.. and Santa only seems relevant at this time of year. Funny that..

OH and I made a sandcastle.



  1. Have you ever thought about writing a book? A childrens book, a novel. Your writing style is peculiar AND captivating. Being taurean helps…

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