The highlight of my Christmas this year, was stepping out of a 7 Eleven with Cal and walking down towards my house when it suddenly started pouring. We bolted down the street and stood under a tree in some little alcove at the entrance to a house. Cal was really not that impressed with the situation as he had a headache, but I couldnt stop laughing.

I loved going out in the rain as a kid and putting my feet in the concrete gutter, feeling the water rushing over my feet. The water had a temperature that was never threatening and you could feel this slight force, willing to go to a lower place. The water itself seemed in shock of its collective landing in the neighbourhood and now ran together to a better place.

So now I was amongst a storm near home and it wasnt gonna stop anytime soon. The road became a river and then the hail started. Little plops everywhere were heard and white balls bobbed amongst the river though quickly melted to become part of the brown body moving fast down the hill. I looked up under the tree we were standing under and the hail bounced at random through the branches, some gently falling on us. I decided it would be best if I got Cal to my house sooner rather than later so suggested we make a run for it. He nodded reluctantly and we ran, and I just kept laughing even harder. Fully clothed and water half way up my calves with my shoes fully submerged. No care whatsoever and there is so much freedom in that. All these little adventures piled up into one set. Must get across this little ravine, ok done. Now to see if I can get to there… yep, done. Quick check to make sure no cars are coming, it would be easy to spot me jumping around. We were back at my front door pretty quickly and I was kind of disappointed. Getting us both towels, Cal sat down relieved and I just panted, and grinned. We had a white Christmas, just not the usual kind.

New thing for next year, the beginning of a bigger piece of writing. I saw “The Iron Lady” today and it really was beautiful. I am happy with the many jobs I am doing but I also want to make a difference as anyone does. And I feel I am pretty much ready for my contribution to that difference. Smile, it doesnt hurt. Well, it does if you have stiches in your lip. Or if a gecko is stuck on your cheek, its head resting on your upper lip cause he/she is kinda upset with how mundane your nostril hairs are. So maybe smile inside if you can’t physically.


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