Happy One Year!

I have been in Melbourne a year from yesterday. It clicked when my friend Chem posted on FB about him being at his current workplace a year. That same day I said goodbye to him (he was my flatmate at the time in Sydney) and then packed up the rest of my stuff and then headed to the airport. So happy one year to me. Remember back a year, to when we listened to digital music, drank Milo and we were counting down to 2012?

I sat at a BBQ today and loved the atmosphere. A BBQ can create a laid back and friendly vibe, an awkward, “how is life” extended family vibe or a “how good does the possum taste” vibe. Today was a happy and excited vibe, it was the gang that will make up the crew for the Famous Spiegeltent, beginning its run from February 7th until April 22nd. Getting to know the crew and colleagues has been a big tick.
Learning so many of the people’s histories and paths, some had bridges and some had roundabout routes. And some had a boat, with a small taxi between the boat and the train station which naturally occurred between the bus stop and the boat journey. Journeys hey, metaphors. I find that they make a paragraph complete, especially this one. I cannot wait to start in a few days and be a part of the magic.

I have an old clock in my apartment, it is 1970’s green and it works once a day. It hung in my family kitchen when I grew up and somehow I still have it. I need to find a clock lady/man who will help me fix it, the whole adventure it could/might/will be made into a film too.

I found an ant today, and it was in my mug. I wish I could walk directly up a ceramic surface and then get to the top, not be out of breath at all and just casually walk down the other side. Just on my way to the shops or something. Maybe on the phone having a chat to Beryl. Everyone needs a friend called Beryl. I feel the ant was not to the scale of this image, and also a different insect to that specified below:

I had my first proper conversation with my nephew the other day. My sister in law turned on Skype and up he appeared, and I have not seen him for a few months and in those months, conversation has been discovered. To have him know who I was and be informed that his daddy was at work, which led into some dance moves just made me smile. I wonder what technology he will use when he is my age, maybe electronic bubbles that wrap around your head and you have a 3D image of the environment that the person you are on the phone to is at. And you then discuss the environment, weather and what you are doing that day with your hover board.

Just like this tree, but less digital new age:



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